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Detalji - Eide Olsen

Detalji - Keep Me Alive. Today, Finnish electronic artist Detalji has shared new single 'Keep Me Alive', ahead of the release of their forthcoming debut album, Truly, which is set for release on March 31st. New single ‘Keep Me Alive’ merges indie pop with low-fi drum and bass. The track is about miraculously finding a loving relationship after years of being lost. "A friend said it could fit well on a Fleabag soundtrack because of its bittersweet atmosphere,” says Myllyviita. Detalji is the project of Helsinki based artist Krista Myllyviita. Written during the lockdown years of 2020 and 2021, Detalji's debut album Truly is a slice of pure escapism. Drawing inspiration from the soundtracks of video games they was playing during that time (namely Crash Bandicoot, GTA Vice City and GTA3) carefully weaving a comforting world of their own, creating distinctive sounding pieces of music that are difficult to place in a certain moment in time. Picking up the guitar after y