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Hailey Beavis - Hippopotamus - Mary Clements - goodheart

Hailey Beavis - Anything That Shines. Edinburgh-based songwriter Hailey Beavis has shared new single 'Anything That Shines'. Her debut album, I’ll Put You Where The Trombone Slides, will be released on November 4th via OK Pal Records. The album, which has been seven years in the making, is a celebration of resilience, determination and evidence of an artist who has overcome many obstacles to reach where they are today. ‘Anything That Shines’ amplifies Beavis’ message that compassion can prevail over exploitation. Of her new track, Hailey says: "Anything that Shines is a nod to my community and to friendship, the resounding forces of good in my life. Every time I have spiralled out I have been able to return, and I have been that for so many friends also. This is the thing that truly shines. It’s about the time spent chasing miss-decision, like a moth to the flame, getting burnt. As I grow older my priorities are changing and I want to shape my days, and enjoy impulsivity