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Anna Elyse - Lilac Haze - Tipps and Obermiller - Alice Howe - Mary Lee Kortes - Foyer Red

Anna Elyse - Faster Than We ran. A poet at heart, Anna Elyse is a singer, songwriter and producer who draws inspiration from prolific songwriter like Neil Young and looks to modernize her sound with influences from  producers like No ID, Mike Dean and Illangelo."I always found solace in music, especially when I connected to the stories. And I hope to provide that for someone else." After graduating from UCLA, with a concentration in Creative Writing (Poetry), she went on to Audio Engineering School and found that one of her very favorite places to be was in the studio. She was used to spending many hours in the dance studio growing up, and stepping into the recording studio was like slipping into an immersive world she knew she fit. She worked behind the scenes in recording studios and serendipitously ended up on a few prominent hip-hop albums (Logic's albums: Under Pressure, The Incredible True Story, and No Pressure). But, it wasn't until a couple of years ago that

Alexa Dark - Julien Delaye - Ryan Hicks - Parks N' Recs - Alice Howe - Miesha and The Spanks - Sumaroo

Alexa Dark - Villain. Fresh off of the back of her latest single ‘Cool For You’, Spanish/American multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter Alexa Dark has returned with brand-new track ‘Villain’, out yesterday, via AWAL. Dark’s debut EP will follow, expected for release on 24th February 2023. ‘Villain’ sounds like a classic 60s-inspired track, honing in on Dark’s influences which range from Nancy Sinatra to Portishead. A stripped back tune that would be at home on a James Bond soundtrack, Dark’s ethereal vocals and buttery lyricism envelope you, depicting a story of feeling as though she isn’t the hero in her own story, but rather watching herself self-sabotage. The track represents Dark’s desire to be good, but feeling lured in the direction of being ‘bad’ – and kind of liking it. Dark said of the track: “‘Villain’” is realising you might be the villain of your own story. It’s accepting the shadowy parts of who you are, while hinting towards a darker, painful underlying origin story wh