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Rubita - Selci - Bananagun - Ets Trio - FEVA

Rubita has just shared a new song entitled 'Let Me Know'. Gently paced and lyrically quite personal this melodic indie folk piece, eases and charms it's way into our lives. From Selci we have a live video for 'We Could Be Together' and the E.P. that its taken from namely 'Effervescence'. Described below as "gorgeous and otherworldly", I can only agree, her definitive style of alt pop really is something special. Bananagun have shared the final track 'Crane In The Tiger's Mouth' from their upcoming 7" single. The timeless pop vibes are there from the moment go as their woodwind and harmonies create a unique and very pleasing sound. Ets Trio have released a video for their imaginative folk rock song 'Lovers to Strangers'. With a combination of refined musicianship and melodic vocals the piece ebbs and flows in a calm and peaceful manner. FEVA return for a fourth time on Beehive Candy with 'We're Not Defective

Mags On Earth - FEVA - Julie Kember

Around six weeks back we featured 'Tulip Stone' by Mags On Earth and the video for 'Old Ford Road' is a welcome follow up, as once again we are treated to another inventive and alluring song. It's our third feature for FEVA in a couple of years, this time with 'Undone' a potent and mesmerising alt rocker. Julie Kember is a fabulously soulful singer and yet adds so much more in her music, whether it's folk, rock, or blues, as 'Lived A Million Lives' helps demonstrate. Mags On Earth – Old Ford Road. Following the January release of her debut single ‘Tulip Stone’, Mags On Earth today releases her second single ‘Old Ford Road’.  It’s another example of her delightfully crafted, dreamily melancholic, electronic-touched pop music, drawing inspiration from the sultry pop sounds of artists like Lana Del Rey and Lorde.  And just like her debut single, ‘Old Ford Road’ comes with another self-produced video, which Mags shot in London. Recorded with

Rude Audio - Greg Laswell - Glorietta - FEVA - Dave Davies

Rude Audio - To The Sun. Background - Rude Audio are proud to announce their new 'Rude Redux' EP, slated for release on October 8 through Zirkus Records. Featuring five tracks, this new release sees the band refine their trademark sound, and fusing their love of woozy dub with throbbing electronics. Here, house music, flecked with Arab and Indian vibes, also shamelessly cavorts with dub. Ahead of this release, Rude Audio present the lead track 'To The Sun', complete with a new virtual reality-inspired video, directed by Ali Ingle. This week, Andrew Weatherall also just premiered two tracks from the new EP on his radio show. Rude Audio is a South London-based collective with a history of putting on fantastic underground parties, releasing the occasional dubby Balearic opus, engineering for the disparate likes of Paul Weller, Lemon Jelly and Royal Blood and generally mooching about anywhere that doesn’t have bouncers or operate a dress code. The core of the collective

Akiva - Daniel Carlson - Good Boy - FEVA

Akiva - M.O.D. Background - A triumphant taste of the heavyweight synth-based electro that marks Akiva’s live sets, ‘M.O.D’ melds a strident musical backing to a fierce polemic on war, all brutal groove, pulsing analogue, fierce guitar licks and anthemic vocal. It is a song written about past events – namely the juxtaposition of the Ministry of Defence’s ‘Be the Best’ recruitment campaign and the funeral cortèges on the streets of Wootton Bassett – but, indicative of this Bedfordshire band’s unflinching take on the state of the world, seems increasingly relevant now, as the clouds of war gather.  “The lyrics reflect the hypocrisy of the political class sending the soldiers out against the public’s wishes, while simultaneously praising their bravery on national television,” explains frontman Dave MacKenzie. “They also highlight the pointlessness and futility of the deaths and trauma inflicted on so many soldiers.” The stunning video, its narrative arc illustrating those lyrics’ pas