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Malena Smith - Tent Music - The Velveteins - Motihari Brigade

Malena Smith - 18. Released today it's Beehive Candy's absolute pleasure to feature 18 the exceptional new single from St. Louis-based artist Malena Smith.  Malena's music is a coming of age story; her previous/recent single, "Betray Myself," was about realizing some of her habits and coping mechanisms weren't really in her best interest. Her new single, "18," is a look back over the last decade of her life, and asking the question, "If I had the chance, would I relive that decade differently?" We are pressured to figure out what to do with our lives at the age of 18, and often succumb to societal expectations to choose the "safe" options - which we can all likely relate to. The weight of the subject matter is juxtaposed by an airy atmosphere and a pop-funk groove, total ear candy. Malena, a classically-trained singer who came up in the world of jazz, has sung in lounges from St. Louis to Tokyo and shared stages with the likes of

Aaronson - Neu Sierra - Erin K - The Velveteins

Aaronson - Where Do You Go When You Disappear? Following on from the well recieved 'The Great Swells That Carry Us Will Pull Us Under' single Cardiff #Postrock band 'Aaronson' release their epic new 'Where Do You Go When You Disappear?' single via Dirty Carrot Records. Taken from forthcoming new Album 'The Great Swells That carry Us Will Pull Us Under' due for release on14th July, Aaronson's 'The Great Swells That Carry Us Will Pull Us Under' album is a sonic marvel filled with beautifully arranged ambient post-rock that will season the senses. Aaronson are a post rock band from South Wales, whose towering layers of melody and epic crescendos have seen them share a stage with Nordic Giants, Coldbones, A-Tota-So and False Hope For The Savage, finish runners up at The Big Gig Wales 2020, be nominated for a Cardiff Music Award and release their cinematic EP You Are Not A Stranger Here. ===========================================================

Purple Pilgrims - The Velveteins - Maygen & The Birdwatcher - Alicia Stockman - M. Byrd

Purple Pilgrims - Ancestors Watching. Sister duo Purple Pilgrims have released the third part of a trilogy of Super 8 films that were made with friend and fellow musician Gary War. ‘Ancestors Watching’ is taken from the band’s album Perfumed Earth which was released via Flying Nun Records in what seems like another world; pre-pandemic. Due to one thing or another the sisters were delayed in releasing the third instalment, then with the emergence of Covid-19, it was temporarily lost to the archives. This is the final piece of Purple Pilgrims’ current story left to share. “The video is our take on an ancient ritual. We were thinking about folkloric traditions, and of course our ancestors. The song is largely about being kind to oneself, and the idea that muddling our way through life can feel less daunting when we consider all our family branching out behind us, holding wisdom and strength. It’s an idea that can offer comfort when we’re feeling lost. We had this really simple idea loose

Sunshine & the Rain - Sam Rochford - Gitta de Ridder - The Velveteins - Woods - Katie Laffan

Sunshine & the Rain - I'm Not Your Girl. Background - New York's Sunshine & the Rain new album is set for release on May 12th. Recorded in Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon West studio with the legendary Jon Spencer, 'In The Darkness Of My Night' is full of pop gems with sugary hooks and dirty Ramones grit. Sunshine & the Rain is a duo consisting of husband and wife Ashley Morey (vocals, bass) and Justin Morey (guitar), both formerly of critically acclaimed psych rockers The Black Hollies. Formed around the same time as the 2014 dissolution of their former band, Sunshine & the Rain kicked things off with the Jesus & Mary Chain vibes of their debut 7? 'Can’t Stop Thinking About You b/w Pale Blue Skies' in late 2015. Early 2016 saw them heading into Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon West studio with the legendary Jon Spencer to begin work on their debut LP. Eschewing some of the more lengthy psych leanings of their earliest days, Spencer coaxed the band

Weekend Wonders: Rome Is Not A Town - Billy The Zombie Kid - The Velveteins - OhBoy! - Billy T Band - Varick

Rome Is Not A Town - Blood And Secrets. Background - 4 piece Gothenburg, Sweden unit Rome Is Not A Town released their debut 7” “Stupid” in late 2015. With their noisy postpunk they soon found a special place in the hearts of everyone with a fondness for cracking guitars and some furious drum beating. Swedish media got excited and the biggest ones such as Festivalrykten, Hymn and Gaffa soon compared them Sonic Youth. As a match made in heaven Rome Is Not A Town got the chance to tour a few dates with the Thurston Moore band soon there after. Since that initial success the band’s been on tour with fellow label mates Tiger Lou in Sweden and Germany as well as recording a new EP, "Careful Like You Cared" with Per Stålberg (Division of Laura Lee) in Welfare Studios, Gothenburg. The EP consists of four brand new tracks, and six minute masterpiece “Blood and Secrets” as a b-side. All released by Startracks – home of Fireside, early Refused and so on. Guitars go in the family, th

Tuesday &: Polarheart - Grace Joyner - The Velveteins

Polarheart - Enigma. Background promo - Hailing from Sydney, Mary and Chris are Polarheart. The duo began writing together in early 2013. They found a strong chemistry, and a year later Polarheart was born. Their combination of dreamy vocals and abstract soundscapes, makes for a captivating listening experience. After four successful singles and months of writing and recording, the Sydney duo are set to release their much anticipated self-titled debut EP in mid-2016. The success of their previous single, “Dystopia”, launched them into the speakers of a captive international audience, it has hit over 1M plays on MrSuicideSheep. They took their songs to the stage, filling venues with a successful tour of Australia’s East Coast in October 2015. The previous songs have all received multiple spins on triple j, and radio play throughout the US, UK, and the Netherlands and 280k plays on Spotify. You’ll be able to catch Polarheart’s music on the upcoming Cameron Crowe and J.J. Abrams produce