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Sharone - Nikolaj Grandjean - Caldonia

Sharone recently shared a couple of videos for 'Turn Back Time' and 'Closer To Love' both taken from her third studio album released just a few days ago. Although I note that metal (usually a personal turnoff) and goth genres are mentioned in the promo below, I have to say plenty of the songs carry melodic hooks and the vocals are natural and distinct, whilst the Gothic overtones add atmosphere. === Danish singer songwriter Nikolaj Grandjean has just released 'Seven Wild Horses' a mixture of Americana and indie folk, and plenty of originality particularly with his refined vocal delivery. === From Alabama we have the pleasure of introducing Caldonia and a couple of songs namely 'Oh Say' and 'Taxi'. Taken from their forthcoming debut E.P (due 27 December) the article below says "Their music testifies to the Southern traditions of soul, blues, rhythm and blues, and other American “roots” music", well on the strength of these to tracks I ca