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Bis - DAMEFRISØR - Daddy Long Legs - Bed Signs - Suzi Moon

Bis - Shopping For Tattoos. Bis release single Shopping For Tattoos on Friday 17th February, following recent album Systems Music For Home Defence. Much like the rest of the LP, Shopping For Tattoos is characteristically infectious, described as "declamatory electro pop punk" by The Scotsman. The album was released in November 2022 and the band define it as "born out of a wistful, slightly corrupted nostalgia for a simpler era that may or may not have existed at all". It is available on vinyl, CD and digital from Last Night From Glasgow. Since their formation bis have continuously developed their sound, from their initial punk synth-pop roots to tracks crafted for sweaty nightclubs. Sci-Fi Steven, John Disco and Manda Rin first entered the scene in 1994 and were soon the first unsigned band to ever appear on Top of the Pops, playing their unmistakable Kandy Pop in 1996.  ====================================================================== DAMEFRISØR - The Grip.