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Lucie Tiger - Hollywood - Jordan Mackampa - Shhe - Winola Oak - Between Suns feat. Crudded Badz

Lucie Tiger shares the A and B side for her new single namely 'Apple Tree' and 'Baby Don't You Go'. The singer songwriter delivers a fresh sounding mixture of folk and country rock, her vocals are upbeat and melodic and the musical arrangement just right for these two tunes. Opening with their new single 'Parachute' Norwegian three piece band Hollywood have just released their new album 'Close To You'. Quoting their promo for the album "Close To You” is a record full of guilty pleasures, grandiose choruses and cinematic lyrics wrapped in a sound of 80s and 90s alternative pop". It's a very honest description making my life easy, it's also an album worth hearing in full. Back in 2017 we featured Jordan Mackampa a couple of times and it is a real pleasure to share a new song from him entitled 'What Am I'. Beautifully arranged and allowing Jordan's incredible vocals to shine, this is a timeless soulful song, I reall