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Phogg - Classic Water - King Park - Kids Love Surf

Phogg - From The Station. In September 2019, Phogg's second album "Mofeto: Mashine Adamkosh" was released, an album "about robots that take over the world" which was well received and praised in Sweden and internationally.  After the cheers of "Mofeto", Phogg took on the challenge of recording two albums at the same time. The goal was to work on these albums in parallel and release them at the same time. Recording two albums at the same time would prove to be an extremely bad decision and the band was burning out mentally. For a time they floated around with neither direction nor goal, just waiting for their instincts to come to life again. The music video to the single ”From the Station” is taken from Phoggs upcoming third album ”The Sharkness” that’s being released 16th of April. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Classic Water - Heart to Move (live recording). Leading up to debut album Concr