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Quality Not Quantity: Kristin Hersh - The Girl Folder - Finlay Leslie

Kristin Hersh - Bubble Net. Background - Ahead of the North American release of her new ‘Wyatt at the Coyote Palace’ CD/book combo, Kristin Hersh presents her track ‘Bubble Net’. “Just about everything is a wide open sea if you look closely enough or hover far enough over your landscape/soundscape, bruised and scraped… and when you feel trapped, you could try turning around and pushing at the edges, which turn out not to be solid after all,” explains Kristin Hersh. "I know nothing and songs know everything. Sad happens and sad isn't easy, but it's no less lovely for that. The refrain "there's no tomorrow" became a relief then: no need for fear. Maybe today is all we've got, but it's amazing." ‘Bubble Net’ follows up her first single ‘Soma Gone Slapstick’ and accompanying video, created by Orrin Anderson with photography by Orrin Anderson and Ryder James. ‘Wyatt at the Coyote Palace’ is the third release in the ground-breaking book-CD format th

Two Good Ones: Finlay Leslie - Gypsy & The Cat

Finlay Leslie - Reality. Background promo - Finlay Leslie makes up for what she lacks in height with a big voice and a markedly vast range of song writing inspiration, exceeding far beyond her years.  Drawing experience from break-ups, trust, love, being elected Prom Queen alongside her girlfriend and revealing what she would say to her twelve-year-old self, this gifted self-taught storyteller already has a wealth of experience at her song-writing disposal. In her heart-breaking debut single “Reality”, Leslie showcases her poetic storytelling ability recalling times when a lack of belief in her music and herself almost led to giving up. The touchingly reflective “Reality” is released 18th April 2016. Nineteen-year-old Finlay Leslie’s talents were discovered when quickly racking up an impressive 80,000 YouTube plays, providing an early indication of her raw song writing talents with distinctive versions and arrangements of well-known covers before posting incredibly well received