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Lauren Hulbert - Speaker Face

Lauren Hulbert returns to Beehive Candy just a month after we were first introduced to her. The new single 'Honeydew' is another beautiful, arresting and melodic song. Speaker Face have released their album 'Crescent' this week. We have already shared two songs from the collection and are really impressed with the remaining tracks including the new single 'Call Me Out' which once again emphasizes the bands genre defying yet gorgeous music.  =================================================== Lauren Hulbert - Honeydew. Lauren Hulbert has just released “Honeydew”. The light-hearted, sweet melodic journey expresses the joy and magic of opening up to pure love. Twinkling synths draw the imagination into full bloom while jingle bells shower the listener into euphoria. The single is off her upcoming EP, Superbloom, due out October 30. Hulbert wrote the song while living with her ex-boyfriend in Ecuador. They had rented an apartment in Quito with an incredible view dow

Lauren Hulbert - Cindy Lee Berryhill - Owen Meany’s Batting Stance

Lauren Hulbert has released 'Gone In One' today and it's a striking song with thought provoking lyrics, determined vocals and a distinctive musical arrangement. === Anti folk artist Cindy Lee Berryhill shares 'Woke Up From A Dream' a song that has an intriguing back story and is engaging and melodic. === Owen Meany’s Batting Stance released 'Breakfast Again' a few days back and it's a must hear and simply gorgeous song from alt folk artist Daniel Walker. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lauren Hulbert - Gone In One. Lauren Hulbert announces the release of “Gone in One” today September 14. The single exudes strength, resilience and vulnerability found both in the midst and aftermath of an unhealthy relationship. Gritty determination permeates while a seamless instrumental tug of war introduces the reflexive moving forward and feeling pulled back. The single is off her upcoming EP, Super