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Maya’s Radio Orchestra - Nora Kelly Band - Blusher - Ruby Waters

Maya’s Radio Orchestra - Suntrap. Maya’s Radio Orchestra has released the luminescent new single “Suntrap,” available on all streaming services this Wednesday, May 3rd. "Suntrap" is a song about Maya’s uncomfortable realization that capitalism and the need for productivity are incompatible with human nature, and are having a detrimental effect on communal mental health. The song hints at dusty underground jazz bars with sweeping strings, swirling harps and honey-like vocals, with an understated piano underpinning the structure that fully supports the warm arrangement. It’s easy jazz but with elements of classical music and triphop, a melting pot of influences coalesce supported by Maya’s masterful writing and playing of strings, harps, piano and glockenspiel. The expanded jazz band is punctuated with glittering whispers of synths from producer Lauren Gilmour whilst lazy drums reminiscent of Portishead or Zero 7 keep us in a dreamlike trance.   ================================