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Lucy Wise - Veronica Bianqui - Woodes - Frøkedal

Lucy Wise - Solid Ground. Background - Singer-songwriter Lucy Wise has released a taste of her third album Winter Sun. The songs on the forthcoming album show a strong artistic development since her last release back in 2015, and the lead single 'Solid Ground' is no exception. The track draws the listener in with its infectious groove and Appalachian Folk-inspired melody, and offers a warm, rich folk-rock band sound. It features some of Melbourne’s finest musicians: Justin Olsson (drums), Isaac Gunnoo (double bass) and Justin Bernasconi (electric guitar). 'Solid Ground' puts the listener in the shoes of someone finding their feet again after a breakup, saying that “it’s time to walk to your own rhythm, to find your way to solid ground”. The music video for this release was produced by Lucy Wise in collaboration with Melbourne filmmaker, Rowan Gruner, and is a captivating and wistful reflection on finding resilience in everyday life. The video moves between an East Br

Gill Landry - Glances - Woodes

Gill Landry - Denver Girls. Background - Gill Landry has unveiled a brand new video for ‘Denver Girls’, the second single taken from his latest solo album ‘Love Rides A Dark Horse’. Since making my last record, I destroyed all the pillars of my life intentionally and by accident. I found myself wondering what the hell I was doing, and had to slowly start rebuilding. When you go back to the ground level in any field, with your toes in the dirt, you've got to really want to do it. I already came up through the clubs, playing all the small gigs, busking the streets, and also got the delusions of grandeur that come from playing in much bigger places. When you've been through it and you know how much work it is to start from the bottom, you have to ask yourself if it's truly what you want. Here we are, so I guess the answer is yes. A little over two short years ago, I was set to be married to a woman I loved very much, had just won my second Grammy with Old Crow Medicine Sh

Saturday Seven: Mr. Elevator - Klô Pelgag - Salt Petal - Ephixa & Laura Brehm - Cajsa Siik - Woodes - Our Man In Berlin

Mr. Elevator - Ending. Background - Mr. Elevator – formed in Southern California in 2012 by Thomas Dolas and Justin Martinez (and their mutual love of Donovan) – eschews guitars for vintage synthesizers, organs, and electric pianos, distinguishing themselves within the fuzzy, distorted contemporary Psych-Pop scene. Mr. Elevator shares the second track "Ending" from their upcoming album. 'When the Morning Greets You,' is scheduled for release in February 10, 2017, on Rad Cat Records.  Under the original name Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel, the band began playing shows as a three-piece with bassist Wyatt Blair, and a short-while later, in 2013, relocated to Los Angeles where they released their first album, 'Nico & her Psychedelic Subconscious,' with Burger Records. After a few years of live shows, perfecting their sound alongside acts like Thee Oh Sees, The Fresh & Onlys, The Black Lips, Allah-Las, and more, Mr. Elevator recently completed their se

Weekend Wonders: Lio Nicol - Shaprece - Adrian J - Venkman - Del Caesar - A Valley Son - Woodes

Lio Nicol - Blame. Background bio - Lio Nicol is both sage and sass. With honest yet quirky lyrics, she has found a way to reflect her sense of humor while maintaining her grace, setting her apart from other singer-songwriters. After a few semesters of studying biology at the University of Montana, Nicol left her hometown of Missoula and relocated to California in 2010 to pursue a career in music. A talented pianist and guitarist, Lio Nicol has found her greatest passion lies within songwriting. Inspired by the legendary Diane Warren, Nicol’s songwriting is a reflection of her thoughts, heartbreak, and love. Her powerhouse vocals and catchy indie-pop melodies have led to her being describes as an early Mariah Carey meets Florence and The Machine. Lio Nicol has toured and recorded with some of the industry’s top musicians as well as Grammy award-winning producers. She has performed all over North America in a variety of concerts including the Dragon Boat Festival, Durango Expo, House

Down Under Double: Ben Ford-Davies - Woodes

Ben Ford-Davies - Vitruvian Man. Background promo - Having recorded a cracking new album, Papillon, which won him 3 South Australian songwriting awards, and previously opened for nationally celebrated artists (including Diesel and Jeff Lang), Ben Ford-Davies releases his latest single ‘Vitruvian Man’. Recorded and produced by Nigel Grummet, Ronnie Taheny, and Ben Ford-Davies at Hiball Studios. ‘Vitruvian Man’ is based on the concept of Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing of a perfectly uniform man and the idea that all his perfection is based largely on his connection with a universal formula. Having made three different starts in three different states over the last decade, Ben has just returned from a successful debut 28-date tour of Europe. Teaming up with the Europe-based dynamo, singer songwriter Ronnie Taheny, his life has turned around and his career has been revitalised. “Vitruvian Man is a great achievement for me as far as writing goes. I’m moving forward into a more contemporary

Globe Trotting: Woodes - Velvet Bow - Elijah Ford - Aloric

Woodes - The Thaw.  Background promo - Acclaimed Melbourne based artist/producer Woodes releases her new single 'The Thaw', following on from her debut solo single 'Daggers & Knives’ which was added to radio rotations and praised online in Australia and beyond. With the new single 'The Thaw’; Woodes creates another powerfully beautiful track, combining her poetic lyrics with a textured production to construct a song set in a wintery realm. Woodes will be hitting the road this August as she joins Dustin Tebutt as the support act for his 'First Light' Australian national tour. Her previous single 'Daggers & Knives' has ticked over 250,000 total plays and was been added to rotation on; triple j unearthed, FBi Radio, SYN, profiled on Spotify Australia and various US college radio stations. Woodes has previously been in the spotlight for her collaborative EP with producer Elkkle, garnering instantaneous praise across the radio and blog-o-sphere in A