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Running Red Lights - Crush - Tiny Bit Of Giant's Blood - Walt Disco - New Fries - Swim the Current

Running Red Lights have today shared a video for the song 'Flower In The Concrete' as the band release four singles before finally calling it a day, the first of which is a beautiful folk and soft rock combination. === Manchester band Crush have shared 'All My Plants Are Dead' and it's a rich mixture of melodic alt pop & rock. === Tiny Bit Of Giant's Blood are a Chicago based Glam Punk outfit and taken from their new album 'Gigantosaur' we have the brand new video for 'Five Foot Heels' a song reminiscent of The Tubes in part, both musically and humour wise. === Walt Disco new track 'Cut Your Hair' is a vibrant, quirky, genre mash of rock styles and some fabulously out there vocals. === Toronto based New Fries have a new song entitled 'Ploce' where the experimental band have developed one addictive and rhythmic sound. === Swim the Current Featuring Greg Christie have just released 'Temperature Maps' where the swi