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Zoe & Cloyd - Bearcraft - The Equators

Zoe & Cloyd have a brand new single 'Hoffman's Hora/David's Frailach' and they really are digging right back into their musical roots with this gorgeous taste of instrumental Americana based on music from days gone by. === Bristol-based music collective Bearcraft just released their distinctive new track 'Outside In The Morning Snow' a song where the hooks gently dig deep. === The Equators brand new song 'Nice To Be Nice' comes 35 years since their fabulous cult album 'Hot' and their timeless Ska music sounds fresh and beautiful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Zoe & Cloyd - Hoffman's Hora / David's Frailach. With their latest Organic Records single, Zoe & Cloyd reveal once again their unique ability to blend mountain music with the klezmer music legacy of Natalya Zoe Weinstein’s family on “Hoffman’s Hora/David’s Frailach.” Incorporating two klezmer tunes