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Dahlia Sleeps - Overflow (Album). Two years in the making and almost 6 years since their debut single, producer/writer Luke Hester and singer/writer Lucy Hill bring a new weight sonically with their debut album Overflow, depicting a new kind of freedom for the duo – from managing and coming to terms with mental health problems to experiencing love in all its forms despite them. With eclectic influences ranging from electronic acts including MOVEMENT, Autechre and Burial to the lyrically poetic works of Florence + the Machine, Radiohead and The National, Dahlia Sleeps shift seamlessly between genres; from dance to electronic to pop. Across the album's track listing, Dahlia Sleeps have collaborated with Jacob Oak Welsh (drummer/producer from The Hics), cellist/bassist/guitarist/pianist Mat Roberts, and pianist Edward Cross. Speaking more on the upcoming album, the band said: "The title Overflow was chosen because this is a record that features a lot of struggle, fight, bravery,

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Photo - Victoria Byt Lena Minder - One More Time. Together Alone is the name of the debut album by Lena Minder, which is about loneliness in relationships. In March 2020, her plans to move back to Switzerland were thwarted by the pandemic. Instead of finding her way back to her roots, she embarked on an inner search and confrontation with herself in isolation.  In her memories, Lena revived past relationships and critically questioned them. She began to put these thoughts into songs and tells with melancholy, nostalgia, but also a pinch of irony about the complexity of interpersonal existence. The album contains eight songs, some of which are stylistically very different from each other. The beginning is made by the reduced, folky waltz song «Stay Around», which stands out for its sophisticated vocal arrangement. «Stolen Love» or «One More Time» can hardly be assigned to the indie folk genre. They contain elements of soul and gospel and backing vocals reminiscent of the 30s. With the

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Corniglia - I Don't Know What To Say. Background - After causing a minor buzz amongst the indie music community in late 2016 with their debut single “Oh My Love”, Perth Indie-Pop act, Corniglia, have released their follow up single “I Don't Know What To Say”. With their dark indie pop being likened to Radiohead, Beach House, Tame Impala, The Sleepy Jackson and Warpaint, the band’s new release (recorded in the Irwin’s home studio and mixed and mastered at Bergerk! Studios) is an infusion of bubbling melody overflowing from underneath it’s lo-fi production. You can almost feel the tension between the introspective chilled delivery and what is trying to burst through between the lines. It is equally looking back at past personal and current world issues with an understanding smile and a muted scream.  The accompanying stop-motion animated music video, similarly beautiful and well-crafted, gained as much attention as the debut single, so be sure not to miss the follow up a