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TANDM - T.G. Shand - Jay Wood - Cara Hammond - Moving Into Tucson

TANDM - Sirens (Album). On the surface, they’re charming in their sweet simplicity – effortlessly compelling thanks to graceful melodies, heartfelt lyricism, and syncopated synergy. But the deeper you dig, the more Toronto duo TANDM’s songs seem to transcend time, place, and even stylistic categorization. The core duo of vocalist/guitarist Maxine Beck-Sinderby and drummer Thomas Franklin first met in their mid-teens and quickly united over a unique creative chemistry. Their new collection, Sirens, finds the duo teeing up their most engaging and enveloping output to date – a potent distillation of the magical individual components that comprise TANDM’s masterful take on alternative pop but with a newfound polish and elevated production style. The rhythms are entrancing and engaging, drawing the listener into a warm, dreamlike world of stirring melodic dynamism and delicate-but-dauntless vocals. The title track, “Sirens,” blasts the hopefulness and excitement of youth, with lyrics refer

Off Judy - Moving Into Tucson - Bush Tetras - The Tiger Moths

Off Judy - Under The Weather. With their nonchalant and carefree attitude, this raucous Byron Bay-based garage surf rock trio, Off Judy, are releasing their latest single, 'Under The Weather' with its accompanying music video today Friday, June 9. Formed as a duo, Off Judy originated with singer and guitarist Finn Mcildowie and drummer Thomas Cameron-Duncan. They have since welcomed the addition of drummer Axl Delandro and Thomas Cameron-Duncan’s transition to bass, solidifying their powerful lineup and expanding their sonic possibilities. 'Under The Weather' is the exhilarating new track that showcases Off Judy's fusion of sun-kissed punk and invigorating surf shack anthems. The song effortlessly combines infectious melodies with euphoric energy, creating a proverbial earworm. 'Under The Weather' has their punk roots shining through with a raw rock foundation that bursts with chant-worthy chorus. Masterfully, they have found a sweet spot between a palatabl

The Prairie Joggers - Moving Into Tucson - Olive Louise - Vectralux

The Prairie Joggers - In The Wake. Describing themselves as a gritty folk-rock band The Prairie Joggers (Cody Goertzen (guitar/vocals) and Adam Hill (drums) will release their new EP, ‘Going Nowhere’, Friday June 9th. We have to say this is a very impressive showcase for the duo, who produce some notably original and addictive music. The second single is out today, we will let the band tell you the rest. All three tracks were written throughout various lockdowns while the two were stuck inside straightening out their sound. The EP was mixed by Riley Hill at No Fun Club Recording Studio and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova. Blending warm electric guitar, raw vocals and dampened drums, The Prairie Joggers form a thick vintage sound that cushions their bleak but not entirely hopeless lyrical themes. What the band lacks in bells and whistles they make up for with a sincere sense of nostalgia that agrees with their minimalistic approach to instrumentals. The songs, which derived sluggishly thr