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Nick Lowe - Live In London 2001.

This is the second Nick Lowe concert to appear on the Beehive, this one some sixteen years later, and it's a superb concert Live at the London Palladium, back on October 14th, 2001. Source: Soundboard Sound Quality: Very good stereo MP3@192kbps. Genre: Pub Rock, New Wave, from rock to country to soul to pop. Set: Full concert performance. Set List: 01 Intro By Robert Elms 02 Let Things Slide 03 Intro by Nick Lowe 04 What’s Shaking On The Hill 05 Half A Boy 06 Has She Got A Friend 07 Faithless Lover 08 Man I’ve Become 09 True Love Travels On A Gravel Road 10 I Live On The Battlefield 11 You Inspire Me 12 Cruel To Be Kind 13 Indian Queens 14 Let’s Stay In 15 Band Introduction 16 Wildest Dream 17 I Knew The Bride Band Line Up: Nick Lowe - rhythm guitar, bass guitar, vocals Geraint Watkins - keyboards Robert Trehern - drums Steve Donnelly - lead guitar Links: Official site HERE . Wikipedia piece HERE . Comments: This concert was part of the promotion for the then new 'The Co

Nick Lowe - Live In New York - 1985

This is Nick Lowe and His Cowboy Outfit (featuring Paul Carrack), Live at The Ritz Theatre, New York, on the 19th October 1985. Source: WNEW 102.7FM stereo broadcast. Sound Quality: Stereo very good 'off air' recording - first generation. Genre: Pub Rock, New Wave, from rock to country to soul to pop. Set: Majority of concert (cannot confirm if WNEW edited out any stage of the gig). Set List: 1. Raging Eyes 2:37 2. She Don't love Nobody 3:43 3. Cracking Up 2:41 4. Mary Provost 2:58 5. One Woman Man 2:11 6. S