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Quality Not Quantity: The Culture In Memoriam - Jackson Dyer

The Culture In Memoriam - The Little One (Marches On). Background promo - The Little One (Marches On) is a song about the dreams you left behind. The dreams that gave you comfort and tucked you in at night when life showed itself from its ugly adult side. The dream of a better world and the dream of a worthy future. The dreams carried you and stood by your side during all those years growing up. But somewhere, in the middle of it all, you ran away from yourself. And you ran too fast. Never gave the dream, or the child in you, the chance they deserve. Years later, that little child pounds at you from the inside of your chest and bites your guts all these mornings when you’re going to that same workplace and to that same asshole that calls himself your boss. Listen up. Come back. The little one is still here. The little one misses you. The little one will continue to harass you from inside until you’re back. The little one marches on and shouts: be realistic and demand the impossible.