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Jitensha - ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis - MF Tomlinson - Ana Egge

Jitensha - Sojourn. Jitensha is the garage rock love child of Erin Rose Hubbard and David Martinez. Their sound is a silvery union of honey sweet proto-punkiness and modern indie that is harmonically reminiscent of 1950s rock & roll.  With just vocals, electric guitar and drums, stealing a niche somewhere between the White Stripes and the Civil Wars, Jitensha nestles catchy, poignant melodies into hard hitting rock grooves.  Lyrically, the duo toes the line between realism and optimism, focusing on social justice, environment and psychology, bringing you on a winsome journey of the human experience.  Jitensha has released two full length studio albums, Buck Moon and Periscope. Their single “Sojourn” dropped on March 19th 2021. =================================================== ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis - You Better Watch Yourself Third single release from the 'transatlantic quarantaine sessions'. Between 1998 and 2020 Boo Boo Davis used to tour in Europe sev

Weird Milk - Hunting - Anna Rose - Bull - Ana Egge

Weird Milk have a new release entitled 'Honey, I'm Around' and it's a fabulous and refreshingly unpretentious pop song with gorgeous vocals and harmonies. 'Gold Day' from Hunting is a gently paced indie rock song flowing with melodic hooks and a cool laid back feel. We have already featured Anna Rose a couple of times this year and the new video for 'Sucker Puncher' is clever and a fine companion for a determined rocker of a song. In session at the Tapetown Studio's we have Bull and their song 'Eugene' that was first released in May. It's a fine version, the band clearly comfortable in this live setting and giving the piece plenty of natural character. Ana Egge returns for a third time on Beehive Candy with a music video for her new single 'Hurt A Little', a beautiful song where the musical backdrop is restrained and her melodic vocals are very much centre stage. ----------------------------------------------------------

Ana Egge - Bronston - The Dead South - Box Of Moxie

Ana Egge has just released the video for 'Cocaine Cowboys', it's her second feature on Beehive Candy the last being in April 2018 when we remarked on her "melodic and gorgeous vocals". Well that remains the same and the inclusion of Iris DeMent on harmonies this time, really is something special! Scottish alt-rock four piece Bronston have released 'Burnt Snakes' a potent bluesy rocker with perfectly matched vocals and a tight and feisty band adding plenty more. The Dead South are already well know to many and rather popular to say the least, however 'Diamond Ring' is just such a fabulous song from the Canadian Bluegrass band, it just has to be included. In February we first featured Box of Moxie with the track 'Submission Admission' and he is more than welcome back with the new song 'Bounty From The Seas' as the genre wanderer continues to release more fabulous material. ----------------------------------------------------

Dose - Ana Egge - Sofia Härdig - Flora Cash - London Plane

Dose - Furniture. Background - Debut single Furniture by Newcastle, UK experimental noise-rock band Dose is due for release on 27th April via cult indie label A Turntable Friend. Their cinematic amalgamation of discordant melodies, intricate guitars and a strong rhythm- all blended together with an array of obscure effects and samples- has already earned them rave reviews on magazines such as DIY Magazine and The Line Of Best Fit. Inspired by the experience of playing in their squalid, decaying practice space, Furniture was written by Sean Turland and Ewan Barr and recorded at Suburban Home Studio with MJ from Hookworms. The full band includes bassist Matthew Collerton, guitar/synth/samples from Sam Campbell and drummer Joe Donkin. The group have been together under many iterations since 2015, discovering their unique sound which blends art rock, krautrock and slowcore into one coherent sonic landscape. The song Furniture is led by a consistent guitar line remaining present throug