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Sketchy Fancy - The Florets - St Francis Hotel feat. Gaz Coombes

From Australia we have Sketchy Fancy and the single 'Pub Rock'. The bands natural rock sensibilities are fresh and polished and the delivery is both passionate and pleasing. The Florets first E.P is 'Friction Made Fiction' which is a collection of five hook filled indie rock songs where the band carve out an individual and desirable sound. Irish duo St Francis Hotel have the notable inclusion of Gaz Coombes on their new tack 'Liar Liar Liar'. It's a fabulous mixture of soulful vibes, psychedelic sounds and a gospel like chorus. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sketchy Fancy - Pub Rock. Born from the desire to explore and perform, Sketchy Fancy carve sprays of raucous delight. Their collective experience of providing soul-filled thrills and hard-driven riffs has culminated in debut album Good.Bad.Happy.Sad. A lucid ride through dreamy collections and heavy Zeppelins through to Super Ninte