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Tuesday's Two: Quiet Boy - December's Children

Quiet Boy - Redeem. Background - Redeem is the first single to be revealed from Quiet Boy’s debut EP Earwig, due for release in Spring 2017. The track showcases a bold song writing and vocal approach that comes directly from the heart. It's hooky, infectious, heartbreaking dream-electronica. Quiet Boy is a solo project produced by Nick Trepka. Envision Scott Walker soundtracking Stranger Things: This is a visionary reimagining of childhood led by one of the UK’s finest musical creatives. Quiet Boy's multi-instrumentalist band are: Russell Ditchfield, Emily Sills, Alexandra Braithwaite and Stuart Roberts. Quiet Boy describes his music as a ‘coming of age symphony’. Drawing on his vast musical memory from nursery rhymes through to contemporary electronic music, he chews up and spits out influences, creating something utterly new. Quiet Boy is a project born out of nostalgia, but far from throwback. Website here , Facebook here . 'Redeem' mixes intricate music with mo

Weekend Wonders: Native Other - December's Children - Kailey Swanson - La Sera - Birds Over Arkansas

Native Other - Palms. Background from the band - 'Palms' is the song that set the trajectory for us writing our entire upcoming EP. It was the first song we wrote that really captured the sound and energy of what we are trying to achieve with Native Other. This EP 'If I Can Keep It Together' is an accumulation of our diverse origins and experimentation while the content tells tales of growth and discovery of our identity, romantic perspectives and lustful encounters. As we write personal reflections, sonically we construct our own unique sound. This project was recorded by Simon Larochette at Sugar Shack Studio, mixed by Dale Morningstar at The Gas Station Studio & mastered by Reuben Ghose at Mojito Studio. The full release will be coming out on October 7th. 'Palms' is my introduction to Native Other, and it's one striking and notable song. The vocals and harmonies are super smooth and pleasing, whilst musically it's quite an intricate and cleve