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Güero - Part Time Signals - Paradox Arcade - William The Conqueror

Güero - Mind's Eye. Sacramento quartet Güero have released their latest single “Mind’s Eye”  in advance of their sophomore full-length album, Wednesdays, arriving this Friday, April 7 via Dutch Records. The guys once again tapped director Paul Bates to bring the song to life with a video. Discussing “Mind’s Eye,” guitarist/vocalist Rik Krull noted, "We played this song for a while never really trying to tame it. When we play live in the greater Sacramento area, we tend to play a 2-3 hour set. During one of our gigs we had some time to fill and played 'Mind’s Eye' knowing we could jam it awhile. It ended up being an epic rendition, one that will never be played that way again. Luckily, we have, Russell our scribe who caught it on his phone. Maybe because we weren’t really thinking it needed to be anything specific, everyone’s part just fell into place, perfectly. Some of those things we played that night were developed into the recorded version since we were able to dr

Kindsight - Güero - Lauren Monroe - Harry Kappen

Kindsight - Madhouse Breakout Multitool. Danish four-piece Kindsight make music that draws from 80’s and 90’s alternative rock and combines it with the shimmering Scandinavian pop that the region has become so renowned for, resulting in a sound that is both fuzzy and melodic in equal measure. Next week, the band heads to the US for SXSW and ahead of that new track 'Madhouse Breakout Multitool' is released. The single follows atmospheric stand-alone single 'Love You Baby All The Time' and continues to expand the band's sound without losing their lovable characteristics. About the track, Kindsight says: "Madhouse Breakout Multitool concerns the true story of two siblings boarding up their house somewhere in the Danish countryside to keep safe from a breakout at the local madhouse. Taking place in a bygone age when such places could be escaped." In 2022, the band released their debut LP via Rama Lama Records to praise such as "your new favourite band&qu

Güero - Sivu - Mighty Poplar

Güero - Streams of Light. Sacramento quartet Güero have returned a new single "Streams Of Light" this week, to announce their sophomore full-length album, Wednesdays, for an April 7 release via Dutch Records. Discussing “Streams of Light”, bassist Russell Volksen noted, "This song really has that doo-wop vibe, like Sam Cooke, The Ronnettes, etc. Russell always loved those songs, so he wrote the chord progression after listening to a lot of Black Marble and envisioned it as more of a dreamy pop song with an eight-note style bassline. Rik came up with a vocal melody and the guitar riff. The catchiness of the ‘Streams of Light’ lyric gave Shea the idea to put together a three-part harmony to sit underneath Rik's vocals on the chorus and outro. Rik's vocal melody and lyrics give you subtle references to the era while allowing it to remain modern and original. It conjures different images in your mind but isn’t specific to one thing. Through the course of playing thi

Jeremy Voltz - Güero - Hannah Schneider

Jeremy Voltz - Mountains. Burned-out mathematician turned indie-soul artist, Jeremy Voltz’s music is inspired by thinking deeply about the people in his life and what he’d love to have the courage to say to them. Reminiscent of Jeff Buckley, Hozier, and Stevie Wonder, he has a voice that is powerful and haunting, delivering hook-heavy melodies with universal, heartfelt lyrics. Voltz’s new indie-folk single, “Mountains”, follows on the heels of his debut full-length album, Weekender, produced by multi-JUNO-winning producer Michael Wojewoda. Weekender was named Album of the Year at the Ontario Folk Music Awards in addition to receiving national airplay. The music video for “Fall Apart” has been screened at film festivals internationally and received awards at the Indie Gathering International Film Festival and the Open World Toronto Film Festival. A signed artist with Hyvetown Music Publishing, Voltz has quickly gained notoriety as a songwriter. His songs have been featured on national