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Five On Thursday: Ruth Carp and The Fish Heads - Siamese - Knife in the Water - Trementina - Ravines

Ruth Carp and The Fish Heads - I'm So Scared. Background - Last week, Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads released "I'm So Scared," the first single from their upcoming album 'Can Men Like Us Go To Heaven.' The track speaks about the debilitating nature of anxiety, while the video captures Ruth Carp's isolationist attitude at a house party in Sydney's iconic suburb of Newtown. Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads combine elements of Australiana, with shoegaze and psych rock. 'Can Men Like Us Go To Heaven' is the follow up to the band's debut EP, 'It's This Or The Noose'. They will be on tour in the US this spring, with dates in Los Angeles, Austin (SXSW), Nashville, Chicago, New York, and more. Bandcamp here , Facebook here . Tour dates over on our tour page. 'I'm So Scared' might be described as lo-fi pysch rock, it's somewhere in that direction. The video and the song really do get across the sense of anxiety and

Weekend Wonders: American Anymen + Lise - Anna Coogan - AyOwA - Rosie Carney - New Mystics - Patrick McKinney - Ravines

American Anymen + Lise - Nobody Made Me Smile Like You Did. Background - New York City outfit American Anymen have released their new 'OUI EP' with Lise, a Parisian singer and pianist. The first single 'Nobody Made My Smile Like You Did' is accompanied by a charming video shot around the Big Apple. This is the second collaborative release for American Anymen and LISE. In 2014, they released a demo called the '+EP'. In the two years that have since passed, they have jointly played shows in NYC and Paris.  American Anymen is a music collective, whose view on art is that what you have to say is more important than the equipment you own and that passion is more important than technical expertise.  Hailing from Paris, Lise’s eponymous debut album was released in 2011 on French label Cinq7. Versed in piano since she was five, her music path took her on a detour from her classical music education at the Conservatory of Narbonne. "The two American Anymen + L