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Sarah Schonert - Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes - The Little Kicks - Half Forward Line

Sarah Schonert - Astound Me. Background - The full-length release entitled "Penguin Party" from Illinois-based indie singer/songwriter Sarah Schonert will be released on 8th December.  Her experimental approach should appeal to fans of innovators like Kate Bush and Imogen Heap. Sarah writes and records out of her home studio. Sarah combines classical-sounding piano with ambient washes, vocoded synths, electronic elements, and layered vocals, and she is not afraid to experiment with vintage instruments as well as new technology to create her sound. "For "Penguin Party," I chose to stick to the keyboards and loopers to focus on creative a more energetic album that people would want to move to. It also gave me a chance to experiment with some new ideas, such as using vocoder to make a drum track drive a bassline, looping live, and extravagant piano ornaments." WEBSITE , FACEBOOK . I have only heard a couple of tracks from the forthcoming album including