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Guise - The Shipbuilders - Vök - Lynne Hanson - Becca Stevens & Attacca Quartet - Rosanne Baker Thornley

Photo - Ben Morse Guise - Don't Come Back. ‘Don’t Come Back’ is the first instalment of what will be their debut studio album and it sees frontwoman Jess Guise tackling a complicated love affair with uptempo chord progressions, and emotive lyricism to stop you in your tracks. Talking about the single, Jess says: “This isn’t a song about one particular person so much as a string of disastrous decisions. It’s about the brutal transience and sheer depressing turnover of romantic entanglements I found myself in living in London during my 20s, and about crashing headlong into people who just bounce off and bounce along like dodgems. It’s also about sometimes being the dodgem myself, and not giving myself too much of a hard time about it.” ‘Don’t Come Back’ sees GUISE hone down their staple acoustic sounds, with a touch of nonchalance. Having initially had plans to leave ‘Don’t Come Back’ out of the album, Jess teases that collaborator and husband Frank Turner, “told me I was an idiot,”

Hundreds - Four Star Riot - The Fatbirds - Lynne Hanson - Tess Anderson - Tex Moonlight

Hundreds have just released 'Body Of Water' a crisp and rhythmic electro pop song where the vocals add melody and a personal feel to the piece. === It's been a while since Four Star Riot last appeared here, the good news is that they are back with a new single entitled 'Wrapped Up' a striking and vibrant indie rocker. === Originating from Belgium The Fatbirds latest track is 'Leaving Tonight' and it's fabulous song that packs emotion whilst drifting somewhere between indie and singer songwriter in style. === Lynne Hanson latest song and video is 'Long Way Home' a mixture of Americana and bluesy country rock, her vocals are wonderful and the song is laden with natural passion. === From Tess Anderson we have 'War Paint' where the mixture of alt pop and personal feelings are notable on this very engaging ballad. === As we have said on numerous occasions Beehive Candy is always on the look out for originality and genre defying songs, so Te

Union Duke - Lynne Hanson - Winnie Raeder - Ausecuma Beats

Back in July we shared ' Ladidadida' by Union Duke and they return with their latest release 'Atlas Of Love' where the mixture of rock, roots and refined modern country, comes across with ease and style. === Lynne Hanson has released 'True Blue Moon' a gorgeously natural slice of warm Americana. === London-based singer-songwriter, Winnie Raeder , shares her new single 'She' which is a beautiful song, her vocals exude emotion, the production is excellent. === Ausecuma Beats are a delight with their international musical flavour's shining brightly through 'Aida' a song that demands body movement however good or bad your sense of rhythm is. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Union Duke - Atlas Of Love. Some songs come along which seem so perfect, it makes you doubt they haven’t existed forever. Atlas of Love is the latest release from Union Duke, a band who have cemented themsel