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Layla Frankel - Charly Lowry + The Heart Collectors - Late TV - Ellis

Layla Frankel - Postcards From The Moon (E.P). With a musical style that pays homage to the spirit of the late, great Etta James (according to the site Rock at Night), Layla Frankel moved to Nashville in 2017 when she was fresh off a cross-country tour.  Her new EP Postcard From the Moon includes the single “You Can't Love Me Like I Loved You,” which was selected as a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Postcard From the Moon was recorded at Startstruck Studios in Nashville, produced and mixed by Jim Kimball (who has toured and recorded with an extensive roster of artists that includes Reba McEntire, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and Justin Timberlake), engineered by Todd Tidwell and the executive producer was Mary Johnson. The EP also features some of Nashville's top session players. Postcard from the Moon by Layla Frankel ============================================================================ Charly Lowry + The Heart Collectors - Navigating to Hope. The next vid

Dive Bell - The Goa Express - Honey Moon - Oh, Rose - Late TV

From Sydney, Australia we have Dive Bell and a video for the song 'Lupine', a rich and unique sounding track where somewhat ethereal vocals are joined by a disparate musical arrangement yet they work beautifully together. The Goa Express have shared 'The Day' an energised indie rocker where the vocals are enthused and the band tight and feisty. It's our third feature for Honey Moon as once again the London jangle pop outfit impress us, this time with 'Magic' a timeless pop piece that is rammed full of hooks. Oh, Rose new album 'While My Father Sleep' opens with '25, Alive' accompanied with a video, the song is a loose rocker, Rose's vocals ebb and flow with charm and feeling, it's a fine teaser for what's to follow. We have 'I Gotta Pay' from Late TV another band making their third appearance here, in fact we have two versions studio and live to checkout, both are really fine as the band take us in another directio

Beehive Candy Lite presents: Someone - The Wave Pictures - Light Wheel - Nick Waterhouse - Late TV - Sister Sparrow

A new year, a delayed return, and a different approach, something along the lines of "Beehive Candy Lite". There are numerous reasons for altering our approach, circumstances change, we are now a very lean setup, and with so much to instantly stream and new music playlists tailored to personal listening habits, just how relevant we can remain, well time will tell. One advantage we have is our ever growing international range of new music sources. It's a given that Beehive Candy only shares music they genuinely like and sometimes can't help but love. So the new approach will see us morph into a more playlist orientated style. Less words, if the artist or band are featured then please consider that our full endorsement, our recommendation to check their music out. Our hope is that we can expand your musical world by curating a wide variety of great new music and artists from around the world.  So by way of a catch up here's whats pleased our ears, so far this

Late TV - PBSM - Sofia Härdig

Late TV - Losin’ It. Background - Amidst the cultural detritus of television’s after hours rises a freaky new street beat played by London’s Late TV. Culling influences from jazz cats and art rockers, B-movies and trash television, via Lynch and Tarantino, Late TV are the moonlighting house band for a surreal all-night dream club where the intangible dance floor shifts and folds to become the set piece of a talk show beamed onto the farthest reaches of your channel selector. Helmed by Luke J Novak, who hails from the slabbed post-industrial backwater of Kidderminster, Late TV originates from a folk noir group formed by Luke and Richard ‘The Showman’ Bowman, a drummer whose restless search for groove quickly outgrew their genre. Joined by Chicago’s jazz fusion obsessed Ryan Szanyi on bass, Parisian keyboard maestro Martin Coxall, tenor sax player Evesham Nicholas, and Matthew Halsall (whose bionic heart valve’s separate mic-detectable rhythms occasionally cause problems in the studi