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Horse Lords - Jonathan Emile - Bartleby Delicate - Sour Widows - Lilly Hiatt

Horse Lords impress us with 'People's Park' an instrumental that is original, addictive and accompanied by a figure skating video that works alongside beautifully. === Jonathan Emile new album 'Spaces-In-Between' is featured in full along with a video for 'Try A Likkle More', collectively this is a wonderful mixture of reggae music with so many other genre influences enriching the piece. === Luxembourg artist Bartleby Delicate has a brand new single 'From Top To Toe' which mixes electronic music with a folk based anchor, the result is creative and original. === Described as a bedroom rock group Sour Widows obviously make good use of that particular room space with 'Open Wide' a slow paced track with fabulous harmonies and a close up and personal feel throughout. === It's only February and yet Lilly Hiatt is back with us for a third appearance this year with 'Candy Lunch' ahead of next months 'Walking Proof' album relea