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Esther & Fatou - Typhoon - Death of Guitar Pop

Esther & Fatou - At Night. Background - At Night is the brilliant debut single from Esther & Fatou, a folky dream-pop tune perfect for the winter months. Hailing from Leuven, Belgium, the co-vocalists by equal turns charm and invigorate on a track that belies their lack of previous releases in its confidence. Warm, pin-point harmonies are accompanied by a snowy flurry of rootsy instrumentation, delivered in such a way as to retain a modern feel.   “It’s a song about the way everything is seen in a different light at night”, E&F explain, “the track was inspired by a nighttime walk through the city, when we began to wonder about ourselves and other people. In a very organized society in which everyone is expected to make a distinct contribution, there comes the night: full of chaos, everyone is left with their thoughts, insecurities and secrets. The nighttime raises more questions about existence and faith. By morning; they all seem to disappear’" Produced by Gaetan V

White Room - Ysgol Sul - Death Of Guitar Pop - Trevor Hall - Wild Meadows - ALASKALASKA

White Room - The Blue / Tomorrow Always Knew. Background - Brighton indie rockers White Room have announced their debut headline UK tour featuring new double EP Eight in its entirety (released on 1st December). Recent signees to the legendary Liverpool label, White Room’s nod to 60s psychedelic rock alongside more contemporary influences (Pond, Temples, Cage The Elephant) is evident throughout their new record Eight, a collection of songs that interlock conceptually, comprising similar themes such as forward thinking, hope, positivity and escape. Inspired by the current social and political climate of the world and the uncertainty we all live with, the synergy between the lyrics and themes signified by 8 – the number of infinity – hints at the real depth within Eight, touching on aspects of joy, strength, balance and power in unity. Discussing the release, the quintet stated: “In Eight we are offering a way to lose yourself; find an escape, and to embrace the intrinsic ability