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Artificial Pleasure - Chris Pellnat - Haneke Twins

Artificial Pleasure return to Beehive Candy with 'Lose Myself Again' (we featured 'Side By Side Together' last September). The new track mixes synth pop with deeper rhythmic vibes along with some notable, indeed splendid vocals. === Chris Pellnat has a new album entitled 'Rain'. Chris has appeared here as a solo artist, band member and also with Erin Pellnat, the one consistent in all guises is the quality of the music. New album 'Rain' takes us on a creative and variety packed journey, we have a video for the title track along with the full album below, enjoy! this is another really good collection. === We have enjoyed many artists down the years who have a day job along with their musical activities, however introducing a couple of CERN scientists takes us into new territory. Despite that Haneke Twins get our attention because of the music and 'River' is a fabulous post punk piece with that extra something that seals the deal. -------------