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A Couple More Weekend Wonders: Dirty River - Hand Habits

Dirty River - Purple Dreams. Background - Alternative, eclectic country duo Dirty River formed in 2012 around the talents of singer/songwriters Lea May and Jimi Dobbs. Lea was working as a solo artist and needed a fuller sound. Jimi was also searching for something different, having played in bands and solo for more than 20 years. Somehow their voices found each other and it was inevitable that this was the beginning of something that needed to be heard. This dynamic duo are passionate storytellers who have only just begun to tell their story. Their new single, ’Purple Dreams’, is ultimately a love song that depicts the story of two people desperately searching for a kindred spirit who has the ability to love honestly and see them for who they truly are. “The song started out very different in the beginning, the guitar melody was a lot darker. I asked Lea to write the second verse and somehow she came out with this completely different vocal melody... I rewrote the guitar parts and