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Touch the Buffalo - Vilde - Arkansas Dave

The second single from the forthcoming album by Touch the Buffalo is the title track 'Heart Is For', where the alt rockers deliver a sprightly and beautifully produced song. Vilde returns for a third time this year with another notable song entitled 'Through The Fallopian', the vocals are once again a dominant focal point, however the musical backdrop adds some real depth to the track and the video takes that even further. Arkansas Dave has just shared 'Diamonds' a song drenched in Americana vibes, the gentle pace and heartfelt vocals ensure this soulful track digs deep into our emotions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Touch the Buffalo - Heart Is For. “Heart is For” is title track, and the second single to be released off of Touch the Buffalo’s upcoming album, “Heart is For”. Band Bio: The DC-Based indie rock band, Touch the Buffalo, is a wild, heart-poun