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Hailey Whitters - Blue Violet

Hailey Whitters - Boys Back Home. Iowa-born and Nashville-based rising Country star Hailey Whitters has just released her highly anticipated third album 'Raised' via Pigasus Records/Songs & Daughters/Big Loud Records. Also released is the Harper Smith- directed video for the album’s single “Boys Back Home” that was shot on location in Hailey’s hometown of Shueyville, IA. Hailey Whitters is currently in the midst of her debut headline Heartland Tour which will culminate with two shows at her hometown honky tonk DanceMor Ballroom in Swisher, IA on May 6 and 7. She will also hit the road this summer with Jon Pardi on his Ain’t Always The Cowboy Tour. "This song was inspired by the boys I grew up with. On any given Friday night we used to pile in the back of one of their pickup trucks, get a bottle of cheap Hawkeye vodka and drive out to a clearing in the middle of the woods where we’d start a fire and sit around all night drinkin' and talkin' about life,” explain

Basement Revolver - Hate Moss - Hailey Whitters - Carleton Stone

Basement Revolver - Dissolve. Basement Revolver has always centered around the friendship of bassist/keyboardist Nim Agalawatte and guitarist/vocalist Chrisy Hurn. Lead guitarist Jonathan Malström and drummer Levi Kertesz round out the band’s larger-than-life sound. The band’s catalogue spans back to their breakout single, 2016’s “Johnny.” That single, and their self-titled EP from the same year, led to their signing with Fear of Missing Out in the UK, and later, Canada’s Sonic Unyon Records. Heavy Eyes, their debut LP, built on their aesthetic which merges hardcore-inspired indie and ambient dream pop. In support of that they toured throughout the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany. With tour plans on hold through 2020, Basement Revolver found time to wrestle with questions about identity, faith, mental illness, and sexuality. Their sophomore LP, Embody, is explicit about these new ideas and new thoughts, addressing them with a deeper sound and crisper production to adroitly express the

The Mojo Slide - Kalbells - Reality Anonymous - La Femme - Anya Hinkle - Hailey Whitters

The Mojo Slide - To Kill A Monkey. "Having recently returned to attention’s radar with the singles Good Times, & Not In My Name, UK rockers The Mojo Slide now keep ears focused with their latest single from the album 'Manic Panic' With their first album, Twist Your Bones, an extremely well received 2015 encounter springing a host of eagerly played singles on radio shows and stations worldwide anticipation for its successor has been patient if eager. It is a release which looks like following suit with its lead single already luring great support the way of the band and we only expect Not In My Name to do the same. Ridiculously infectious and skilfully flirtatious in its grooves and hooks, Not In My Name instantly entangles ears with a great juicy melody, its wire of temptation escaping the guitar of Mike Fennaand soon joined by the melodic lures of fellow guitarist Matt Legg alongside the rhythmic swing of bassist Dan Savage and drummer Michael Graham. Amidst it all v

Classic Water - Kindsight - Meg Webb - Zoe & Cloyd - Hailey Whitters

Classic Water - Tomorrow. Dutch indie band Classic Water return with their fourth single Tomorrow. A song about desperate times and corresponding desperate measures, but as the lyrics say: “tomorrow this will all be gone.” A soothing thought at the start of this new year. The music video is based on the artwork designed by visual artist Viktoryia Shydlouskaya-Dijk and animated by Classic Water’s keys player Lotte van Leengoed. Classic Water introduced themselves in 2020 with singles Living Likeness, It’s Never Easy and Carthage. Debut album Concrete Pleasures will be released on March 12th 2021. Tomorrow is a song about someone driven to desperate deeds and is partly inspired by the Talking Heads’ Listening Wind. The narrator leads the listener to the brink of the deed in the first half of the song, after which a long instrumental part follows where multiple melodies and rhythms combine into something like a hypnotic stretch of endless highway. The songs of Classic Water bring to mind

Hailey Whitters - The Luxembourg Signal - Malin Pettersen

Hailey Whitters appeared here in July with her stunning song 'Janice At The Hotel Bar' and returns now with 'Happy People' which is another catchy and impressive piece. === We featured The Luxembourg Signal a couple of times back in 2017 and then lost track of them, however they are back with '2.22' as a taster for their next album 'The Long Now' and it's good to note that their mixture of Dreampop and Shoegaze is sounding real good. === Malin Pettersen shares 'Wildhorse Dream' ahead of the album 'Wildhorse' set for release on October 16th. The song itself is a melodic slice of modern Americana with bags of charm. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo: Harper Smith Hailey Whitters - Happy People. Hailey Whitters releases a sunny animated video for “Happy People” (co-directed by Harper Smith and Drew Wittler) from her critically-acclaimed new album, The Dream, out

Planet For Sale - Hailey Whitters - Xanthe Alexis - Big Little Lions

Planet For Sale share 'Old Father Time' which has a gentle rock vibe and notable vocals, the band enjoy a cult following in Iran, what other band can claim that! === Hailey Whitters has a new video for her stunning song 'Janice At The Hotel Bar' it's one of those Nashville tracks that just needs an immediate second listen. === From Xanthe Alexis we have 'Compass' and the indie artist really impresses both vocally, lyrically and through the understated musical arrangement. === Big Little Lions have released 'It's Amazing' ahead of a new E.P and the dual vocals and harmonies are gorgeous from this creative pair. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Planet For Sale - Old Father Time. Planet For Sale are a Brighton based musical universe whose artful fusion of rock and blues is a mix of compelling lyrical imagery, incendiary guitar solos and trippy psychedelia. They are the anguished