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Walter Martin - YOVA - The Moneygoround - Daniel James McFadyen

Photo - Melissa Martin Walter Martin - Hunters in the Snow. Beloved songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and Walkmen co-founder Walter Martin released his new album The Bear through his imprint Ile Flottante Music. His sixth studio album since embarking on his acclaimed solo journey just under a decade ago, The Bear is a poignant collection of autobiographical story-songs that Martin described as "the kind of album I've been building towards for my entire career." Martin also released today the official video for "Hunters In The Snow." The album opener sets the stage for The Bear, with Martin drifting from scene to scene as if strolling past a series of paintings in a museum gallery. Of the video, Martin stated, "'Hunters In The Snow' takes place in the snowy northern landscapes of my dreams. A city boy's pastoral fantasy of hunters and horses, death and decay, getting lost in the storm, and longing for home." Written during last year's

Walter Martin - Laveda - Ellen Arthur Blyth - Heavy Salad

Walter Martin - Baseball Diamond. Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Walter Martin unveiled today two new singles titled "Baseball Diamonds" and "Hiram Hollow." The tracks are the latest to release from his forthcoming album The Bear, out later this month on March 25th through his imprint Ile Flottante Music. "Baseball Diamonds" was the first song written for The Bear, which ultimately set the tone for the rest of the album, while "Hiram Hollow" is a waltzing tune that toys with American folk traditions as it wrestles with the pain of saying goodbye to a loved one. "I see these two songs as two different ways of telling a story about my life and my family," stated Walter. "It's a story a lot of people can probably relate to - one with a lot of love but also a lot of sadness. That story is what this whole album is really about. 'Baseball Diamonds' lives very much in reality with real life details, while 'Hiram Hol

Discovery Zone - Juliper Sky - Soë Blue - Pam Tillis - Dougie Poole - Walter Martin

Discovery Zone shares 'Blissful Morning Dream Interpretation Melody' which is a rather fine song title and an equally pleasing and soothing electro piece. === Our third feature for Juliper Sky in just a few months is for new single 'Infinite Jets' which follows their recent E.P release and is another impressive song from the band. === Soë Blue has released her debut single 'Karma' and what a gorgeous and refined soulful track it is. === Pam Tillis recently released 'Looking for a Feeling' a sultry country song with a touch of bluesy vibes. === From Dougie Poole we have 'Vaping On The Job' ahead of a new album due in June, the track itself is a mixture of country with a touch of rock & roll. === Finally today we have Walter Martin with the topical 'Quarantine Boogie' an amusing and thankfully listenable song on the current situation (& we have received plenty that are hard going to say the least) anyway this is also for a good

HANYA - Ani Glass - Humanoids - The Chris White Experience - Secret Treehouse - Walter Martin - Mechanimal

HANYA share 'I'll Do It Tomorrow' ahead of their forthcoming E.P and follows on from 'Dream Wife' which we featured last November, this time we have a fabulous dream pop song that raises expectation even further. === Ani Glass has just released 'Mirores' accompanied with a video, and it's a gorgeous song, her vocals are splendid and the track just brims with good vibes. === From Switzerland we have Humanoids and 'The shadow you make isn‘t yours', there first new material in five years, where a mixture of alt rock and electronic instrumentation combine into a rhythmic rocker. === We have the full album from The Chris White Experience called 'Volume Three', it unsurprisingly follows on from Volume 1 and 2, from somebody that rightly might be considered a musical legend. === To day Secret Treehouse released 'At Sunrise' and the Nordic indie pop band are in cracking form with this powerfully pleasing song. === Walter Martin return

Charli Adams - West Wind - Sea Wolf - Walter Martin - Margot - Fassine - The Hempolics - Aqua Seca

Charli Adams may be a newcomer (I'm quoting below) however 'Backseat' is a confident and imaginative alt rocker of sorts that exudes class. === West Wind share 'River' the band only formed last year however this is a smooth and tight musical excursion that takes dance music close to the border with sophisticated rock. === Four years on and Sea Wolf returns with 'Fear Of Failure' an indie rock song with a good helping of folk sensibilities. === Songwriter and a creative one at that Walter Martin shares the delightful and extremely catchy 'That's All I Need' an exotic song that conjures up so many fine mental images. === From South London we have the five piece band Margot with 'In Your Palm' a dreamy, laid back and lush song oozing class. === Known for their cinematic pop Fassine have just released the rather gorgeous song entitled 'Limbs' - expect a whole load of beautiful musical hooks. === With a stylish video The Hempolics in

Corniglia - TC&I - Walter Martin - Wild Child - Lauren Ruth Ward

Corniglia - Strange Desires. Background - Corniglia is a wonderful, psychedelic infused shoegaze band from Perth, Australia. Their second single from their self-titled debut album, "Strange Desires," both released this week. The songs are ethereal, tinged with a melancholia that somehow coexists with a feeling of transcendence. The gauze-y hooks in the guitar textures blend with Matt and Chloe's voice and bring a feeling of compassion to the bleak themes of the songs. Matt says of the new single, "It's a song written in two parts. Most of the lyrics were written about 4 or 5 years ago. Looking back, it was mostly about a general sense of feeling lonely or not fitting in. It was revisited and finished off recently, where I view it differently now. Most people probably feel like they don't fit in at some point. Everyone is a lot more similar, working through the same problems and insecurities. I feel the song is more about growing up now." There is a da