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Eli Raybon - The School Book Depository - Far Caspian

Eli Raybon first appeared with us back in March when we commented on his "sci-fi weirdo auteur" description, however as 'Primitive Man' demonstrates he is also a really fine songwriter and performer. His sci-fi concept album, Supertoys, is due out July 12th, and it's packed with some superb material, it's well worth checking out when you get the chance. We featured The School Book Depository a couple of times back in 2017 and now we have the new song 'The Trail', where once again the vocals of Fredrik Solfors are so engaging as is the whole atmospheric smooth rock vibe running through this piece. Having already featured 'Astoria' and 'A Dream Of You' from Far Caspian' s brand new E.P. 'The Heights' it's good to be able to include the full collection from this excellent Leeds (UK) trio, in fact this makes it appearance number six on Beehive Candy, clearly they are doing something we really like, how about you? ------

Mirrorball - Far Caspian - The Silver Lake Chorus - Her Crooked Heart - Strangejuice - Corduroy Spaceship

We have received some fine music through the Microdose single series and 'This Time' from Mirrorball is no exception their dream pop is quite exquisite. Far Caspian return for a fifth time here, the latest song 'Astoria' is once again full of smooth hooks and a fine melodic vibe. The Silver Lake Chorus as you might expect know how to perform a chorus (and some), 'Tabu' is a splendid affair that gives indie music a unique dimension. We have a new video and a recent single from Her Crooked Heart, both are creative pieces and rather addictive. Alt rockers Strangejuice are fascinating, their music is original and just a little quirky, with the lyrics worth a little attention along the way! We finish this selection with South Australia's Corduroy Spaceship and a melodic and extremely catchy indie song 'About Everything'. Mirrorball - This Time. Mirrorball have shared a new video for their single "This Time"; a shimmering sinking light sho

Luvia - Cat Princess - Jaws - Deliluh - Charlotte Cornfield - Far Caspian - Eli Raybon

I needed a little break and a whole load of great tunes turn up, so once again I am playing catch up. Not that I'm complaining with songs like 'Hunted' from Luvia, it kind of makes it a pleasure. Cat Princess return with 'Silver Socks', this band are really impressing Beehive Candy right now! Jaws have released 'Please Be Kind' and I will, it's one fabulous song ahead of their album due next week. Deliluh are something else as 'Freeloader Feast' demonstrates, this is an imaginative and addictive rocker. Charlotte Cornfield's 'Silver Civic' is a beautiful singer-songwriter piece that exudes real personal emotion. We featured Far Caspian three times last year and 'A Dream Of You' is just wonderful, leaving me looking forward to hearing more again. Eli Raybon is described as a sci-fi weirdo auteur and that's from his promo, that said give him a listen, it starts to makes sense. Luvia - Hunted. Brighton’s Luvia is back

Moderate Rebels - Far Caspian - Lightfoils - The Ophelias

Moderate Rebels - Faith & Science. Background - London-based anti-music collective Moderate Rebels – whose members include Mo, Kate, Chris, Nick, Emma, Susan, Bob, Beth, Joe and more (crucially, not all at the same time) – present their new song ‘Faith & Science’ as a further preview of their second album ‘Shared Values’, which is released on 30th November on Everyday Life Recordings. It follows recent singles ‘I Love Today’ and ‘Beyond Hidden Words’. Moderate Rebels say: “Faith & Science seems to be about the romance of feeling doubts and recognising that there can be mysteries in life… Which is a good thing. We actively have no intentions when writing; music just forms and we guess about any meanings, along with, hopefully, the listener. Language is inclined to be tricksy, and can be looked at from a number of angles. Less chords and words; simple and complicated; direct and vague. We have our mottos.” As with all Moderate Rebels music so far, Shared Values was recor

Far Caspian - Ricky Lewis

Far Caspian - The Place. Background - Emerging Leeds outfit Far Caspian deliver atmospheric pop offering The Place, the next single taken from their upcoming debut EP, out via UK label Dance To The Radio this autumn. Staking their claim as one of Yorkshire’s hottest new indie prospects, the band’s latest hazy anthem sees the influences of Real Estate, Grizzly Bear and Band Of Horses seep into their sound, combining to dreamy effect and likely to draw further acclaim throughout the online community. Lead by frontman and guitarist Joel Johnston, the Irishman now residing in Leeds alongside fellow band members Jof Cabedo (drums and vocals) and Alessio Scozarro (bass and vocals), Far Caspian’s infectious songwriting approach explores his transition to life in the UK and the upheaval that ensues. “We wanted to have a track on the EP that was based more on intricate rhythms but instead we went for a pretty stripped back arrangement so it made sense alongside our other tracks”, the trio

Far Caspian - Sons of Bill

Far Caspian - Let's Go Outside. Background - Leeds quartet Far Caspian unveil new single Let’s Go Outside, the second track taken from their forthcoming debut EP, out via UK label Dance To The Radio. Following on from the majestic Holding On, which turned heads when it drifted into the online sphere’s consciousness, Let’s Go Outside reaffirms the band’s knack for hazy, infectious dream-pop. Whilst Far Caspian have been based in Leeds since formation, frontman and guitarist Joel Johnston has only recently moved over to England from his native Ireland. This upheaval provides the basis of Let’s Go Outside’s themes. “Although it's a pretty upbeat instrumental, the lyrics touch on depression and feeling far from something you could call home,” he states, “The whole EP is loosely based on my experiences of moving to England and feeling a disconnect to living in a new city for the first time.” Referencing this dichotomy between themes and music with the playful self-nominated tag