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Brian Wilson - Live In Denmark - 2005

Brian Wilson is one of a very few number of artists, that I feel comfortable about being referred to as, a musical legend or the like. It's not just the fact that he overcame his personal health difficulties, that kept him out of the music scene for so long, that gives him the right to such accolades. For me it is the music. Pure and simple, just that - the music. His contribution to the Beach Boys legacy in recent years, and the stunning recreation of so many classics live, along with some newer material, has been the proverbial 'breath of fresh air' popular music so often begs for. This is Brian Wilson at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark in 2005. The annual Roskilde festival has a number of synergies with the UK's Glastonbury festival amongst others, their web site is well worth a visit, I wonder if getting tickets is just as difficult? Therefore it is no suprise that he played Glastonbury just a few days earlier, as part of the Smile tour from that year.