May Music Selection - 2009

Having failed in April to present any new music recommendations, I will try and make up for that this month, so hopefully this is just part one.

I first came across The Mummers late last year, and thought to myself, I must keep an eye on this act, and promptly forgot all about them.

To my delight I was reminded with their appearance last month on Later With Jools Holland (BBC2 TV). Since then I have listened to everything available from them, and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Fronted by the delightful Raissa (Khan-Panni), and with a superb collection of musicians , I would be surprised and very disappointed if The Mummers do not get much wider recognition this year. From Brighton, England check out The Mummers !


MP3: March Of The Dawn.
Web Link: Official Site, MySpace.
Buy: The Mummers

Descending Ivory are an three piece all girl group from Uppsala, Sweden, who I discovered through Swedesplease, a site that continues to throw up so many great new and not so new acts, and fantastic music.

They list a lot of influences, but I have to say, have a distinct sound and loads of great raw energy.


MP3: Blast From The Past.
Web Link: MySpace.
Buy: No direct link check HERE for more.

Cymbals Eat Guitars were also featured not to long ago on another site (MP3 Hugger), and again struck a chord with me.

I have sat here now for a few minutes trying to think how to describe their sound and am struggling. It is also distinct, however having used that for the last band, lets just say give them a listen, if you like your music loud, energised, with swirling melodies and more.


MP3: Indiana.
Web Link: MySpace.

I deliberately separated The Mummers from Bat For Lashes, with a couple of other tracks, for good reason.

For a start Brighton, England is home town for both acts, and I have noted comparisons between the bands on a number of reviews, however in my opinion they are both quite different, and have very unique elements.

Bat For Lashes is Natasha Khan with some great musicians, I got to see them last summer (supporting Radiohead), and with a new album just out, thought I would give her a justifiable recommendation.


MP3: Pearl Dreams.
Web Link: Official Site.
Buy: Bat For Lashes

Finally for this time around, for some time I have been after an old Four Tops song 'Still Water (Peace)',

I have the original on vinyl, however it was rather crackly to say the least. Recently a decent copy of the original album came my way, so I have decided to finish this round up off with the song, for no other reason than it's wonderful.


MP3: Still Water (Peace).
Web Link: Classic Motown.
Buy: Four Tops