Shania Twain - Live In London 2003.

This is Shania Twain live in London back in 2003.

This performance was at the famous Abbey Road studios in London, in front of a thoroughly enthusiastic audience.

Abbey Road studios were in part made famous both because of The Beatles album and the Fab Four crossing the road outside, thankfully this often copied picture was not taken up by Shania Twain.

Perhaps of more interest is the size of the premises for live performances, clearly there were a good number of fans present for this event.

Recorded for broadcast by BBC Radio Two, as part of their 'In Concert' series, the performance was on the 26th July 2003.

FM radio broadcast (BBC Radio Two).

Sound Quality: Very good quality stereo @192kbps mp3.

Genre: Country - Rock - Pop.

Set: Full set.

Set List:

1. Intro
2. I Feel Like A Woman
3. Up !
4. For Ever & For Always
5. Ka-Ching
6. Don’t Be Stupid
7. That Don’t Impress Me Much
8. Thank You Baby
9. When You Kiss Me
10. I’m Gonna Get You Good
11.That’s It
12.Still The One
13. Rock This Country
14. Nah!

Links: Official site HERE. Informative Wikipedia HERE.

Comments: This is a feisty performance, Shania Twain is accompanied by some excellent musicians.

As far as I know this was a one off show ahead of the Up! Tour which started a couple of months later in her home country at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Her MySpace site states:

Shania Twain was born Eilleen Regina Edwards in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on August 28, 1965, the second oldest of five siblings. She was raised in Timmins, Ontario, about 500 miles due north of Toronto, where her adoptive father, an Ojibway Indian named Jerry Twain, and mother, Sharon, had both been raised. It was a proud but, at times, impoverished existence. They struggled to keep enough food in the cupboards, but there was always an abundance of music and love in the household.

Twain often grabbed a guitar and retreated to the solitude of her bedroom singing and writing until her fingers ached. "I grew up listening to Waylon, Willie, Dolly, Tammy, all of them," she recalls. "But we also listened to the Mamas and the Papas, The Carpenters, The Supremes and Stevie Wonder. The many different styles of music I was exposed to as a child not only influenced my vocal style, but even more so, my writing style."

It is interesting having read this just how much of these influences do indeed come out, even in this live performance.

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