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If I have some new music that I want to listen to I expect I am not alone in listening whilst doing something else like surfing the net or whatever.

The Morakestra were playing in the background yesterday and I was trying to write an article and in the end I had to turn them off. Not because there was anything wrong, quite the opposite actually as they are so catchy, tuneful, and full of great guitar hooks and songs that they became a total distraction.

Which of course is a joy as I love those moments when you realise you are listening to something that connects home. OK the band themselves have been around for a while, indeed their web site adds 'Founders and key creative minds David and Will Mora are twin brothers who were proudly born and raised in the West Texas border city, El Paso, Texas. Fellow El Pasoan Jim Ward contributed to the rebirth of Morakestra via production and recording of the band's latest album, Witness to Connection, out June 2nd, 2009 on indie label Stratking Records'.

'Tell You Something'

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It was Texan guitar legends Mario Otero and Charles Teitsworth who first pushed the Mora brothers to turn their early compositions into a polished collection of songs, and before long, the boys had a debut album, “Live from Moraq.” Released in 2007, it showcased a variety of impressive session musicians, but it was the Moras themselves who handled all of the guitar work and vocals, and ultimately produced the album. The brothers spent the following months playing gigs with an ever-changing band to back them up, and buzz grew around the talented twins, who became known as “dueling guitar players.”

"The Morakestra's biggest selling points on Witness To Connection are the addictive guitar riffs that populate every track…Songs show both pop sensibility and a unique style that belongs solely to The Morakestra…Witness To Connection is a powerful effort." - Atlanta Music Guide


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