The Crusaders - Seattle USA 1973

This is The Crusaders, live in concert at the Hec Edmundson Pavillion, Seattle, WA, USA, sometime in the springtime of 1973.

I have read elsewhere that this is one of the finest unofficial and unreleased live recordings of the band, whether that is true or not, this is simply put, astounding music and musicianship! Their crossover from Jazz to include a mixture of funk and soulful sounds made their music accessible to a huge audience as this gig demonstrates.

Some further background leading to this part of the bands long history from wikipedia - In 1960, following the demise of a few short-lived Houston-based groups called The Swingsters and the Nite Hawks, pianist Joe Sample, drummer Stix Hooper, saxophonist Wilton Felder and trombonist Wayne Henderson relocated to Los Angeles, CA. After changing their name to "The Jazz Crusaders," the group signed with Pacific Jazz Records, where they would remain throughout the 1960s. Employing a two-manned front-line horn section (trombone and tenor saxophone), the group's sound was rooted in hard bop, with an emphasis on R&B and soul.

The group shortened their name to "The Crusaders" in 1971, and adopted a jazz-funk style. They also incorporated the electric bass and electric guitar into their music. Bass guitarist Robert "Pops" Popwell and guitarist Larry Carlton joined the band, and featured on the group's albums throughout most of the 1970s. With this new style came increased crossover appeal, and the group's recordings started to appear on the Billboard pop charts. The height of the group's commercial success came with 1979's Street Life, which peaked at number 18 on the pop album charts and the title track from the album made the Top 10 on the R&B chart and number 36 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

Source: Soundboard. 

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps. 

Genre: Jazz, jazz fusion, soul, pop. 

Set: One hour (unlikely to be full gig, definite edit between tracks 6 and 7) .

Set List:

1. Introduction (0:27)
2. Put It Where You Want It (6:07)
3. Watts Happening (6:32)
4. Message from the Inner City (10:54)
5. Treat Me Like You Treat Yourself (6:31)
6. Eleanor Rigby (7:53)
7. Young Rabbits (3:14)
8. Don't Let It Get You Down (4:20)
9. So Far Away (14:56)

Line Up:

Joe Sample - keyboards
Wilton Felder - tenor sax
Wayne Henderson - trombone
Larry Carlton - guitar
Robert 'Pops' Popwell - bass guitar
Stix Hooper - drums

Web: Official Label HERE.

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