Thursday Three: Givers - Satchmode - Christine Leakey

Givers - Growls.

Background words - Louisiana-based indie poppers Givers have announced their highly anticipated second album 'New Kingdom' will see a UK release of 8th April via Glassnote Records.

When Givers formed in 2008 in the sweaty dance halls of Lafayette, Louisiana, they knew right away that they had something special. Crafted from the improvisational and dance-fuelled atmosphere of the area's zydeco, Cajun, and jazz cultures mixed with an affection for new wave, funk, and world music, the infectious results brought a quick rise to the spotlight for the young band. Soon after forming, a fortuitous opportunity to play a string of shows with Dirty Projectors arose, bringing them swiftly to the attention of listeners outside the southwest Louisiana region. Their debut album In Light was released two years later in 2011 on Glassnote Records, backed by extensive touring. During that time, they found themselves bouncing along a global festival circuit, making their national TV debut with Jimmy Fallon and performing alongside the likes of Preservation Hall Jazz Band at Carnegie Hall.

After an extended break from rigorous touring, the band met in the peaks of Beech Mountain, North Carolina to begin collaborating for their Sophomore album. Their nomadic approach to recording led them across the Smoky Mountains to the wintry hills of the Eau Claire, Wisconsin and back down to the placid lakes of south Louisiana, causing a transformation that led them to the surface of something new and unseen. This myriad of changing influences can be felt throughout the intricate and startling New Kingdom, their most recent work.

A mixture of styles and sounds greet you with 'Growls'. The vocals and harmonies add order and direction, however musically the song retains it's melting pot of ideas. Original and very likeable.


Satchmode - Don't Give Up On Me.

Background promo - Satchmode is a dream pop duo from Los Angeles made up of Gabe Donnay and Adam Boukis.  Collectively, they represent an eclectic diversity of musical experience, having gigged in everything from folk and bluegrass outfits to jazz combos to noise rock and funk bands. Out of this incongruous assortment of influences, they have distilled a sound that is refreshingly varied, ranging from infectious, upbeat disco grooves to rich, cinematic soundscapes. Still, their compositions are tied together by an emphasis on memorable melodies and meaningful song writing and a love for electronic manipulation.  Satchmode is currently recording their debut full-length album, to be released in 2016.

"Don't Give Up On Me" is a much faster, higher energy song that anything we've released before. But it still centers around familiar themes: regret and pain about a broken relationship, and desperate denial about the state of things." - Satchmode

Musically 'Don't Give Up On Me' blasts off at some pace and temporarily reminded me of a more upbeat OMD. Vocally the dream pop vibe is clearly present. A nice taster for their full length album due at some point this year.


Christine Leakey - Twinkle.

Background from Christine -  I'm thrilled to share the first single entitled, Twinkle off my soon to be released second solo record entitled, Wanderlust Wishing Well.

I travelled to Los Angeles to record and self-produce my album with my friend, Fernando Perdomo who produces many including Linda Perhacs and is lead guitarist in Jakob Dylan’s project Echo in the Canyon (my drummer Matt is also the drummer in Echo in the Canyon). Twinkle is the sole track on the album that Fernando produced and I co-produced with him.

Another music related project that I’m excited to share about is that on Valentine’s Day, I officially become a published writer. I was approached along with 100 women in indie music globally to take part writing a book by 5 time Grammy Award winning producer, Devine Evans and backed by Queen Latifah entitled, Sheet Music: The Diary of a Songwriter. They are having a book launch at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood for it on the book launch date.

Anyway, I'm really hoping that you will enjoy Twinkle which is just one music flavour from a variety of what’s to come on my second album which is a blend of upbeat songs, a few dreamy ones, some jazzy and sultry ones, other worldly, circus vibes and more with a cinematic twist and with some phenomenal surprise guests! :D Also,  if you listen at the end of Twinkle, you will hear the gang vocals who are the voices of many who are on the upcoming album with me.

Oh I do like 'Twinkle'. The originality is all to apparent, as is the heart and soul that pours through this song. Occasionally a song (and artist) comes along that really justifies the time and attention I have for music. Christine Leakey and the song 'Twinkle' makes it all seem worthwile.