Quality Not Quantity: Polyenso - Jenny Broke The Window - Old Sault

Polyenso - 17 New Years.

Background promo - Building off of 2013’s cult-acclaimed “One Big Particular Loop,” Polyenso — Alex Schultz, Brennan Taulbee, and Denny Agosto — has spent the past two years working extensively with producer Jason Pennock. Evolving their particular flavor of indie-rock to include elements of hip-hop, neo-soul, and experimental electronics, they pull influences from acts such as Flying Lotus, The Roots, Bright Eyes, and Bjork, half-jokingly referring to their medley as “urban indie progressive.”

Possessing an unrestricted vision for the musical quality in all things, the band operates like sound designers, pairing synthesisers, pianos and guitars with organic noise and everyday objects like spatulas, wooden bowls and packing peanuts. Polyenso’s visionary production is equalled by the freshly unlocked vocal dynamics of Taulbee and Schultz. Led by Taulbee’s soothing and provocative melodies, Schultz is tagged in to bring the sexy back on harmonies, occasionally leading himself.

Releasing their first new tracks in 2014, “17 New Years” and “Moona Festival” provide listeners with a taste of the depth and scope of the band's ever-expanding sound. The upcoming album, Pure In The Plastic, serves as a challenge to music as a whole, proving that there is room left for originality in the popular. Carrying forward their intrinsically spiritualistic character, from start to finish, their music captures listeners in a moment of transcendence, feeling as much a part of the future as it does the present.

The soon to be released album 'Pure In The Plastic' is an adventurous and exciting work. The band may have a core sound however they are not afraid to explore different styles and genres. '17 New Years' is the first of ten songs on the album. It provides some insight into what's to come, but with so mush richness and variety, expect to be spoilt, with a lot more.


Jenny Broke The Window - Airport Love.

Background promo - Jenny Broke The Window deftly evoke that lump-in-your-throat feeling we all get when waving goodbye to a loved one at the gate in their new single 'Airport Love', produced by Tony Buchen (Bluejuice, The Preatures, Andy Bull).

Swelling, wistful, and atmospheric, the song's rhythm echoes the beat of a heart that's had just about enough. Hushed vocals are juxtaposed over bubbling synths, strings and cruchy guitar riffs that add just the right amount of drama. 'Airport Love' is the perfect catalyst for your moment of 20/20 hindsight clarity - just keep the tissues handy when it hits.

The Sydney quartet's forthcoming EP has two radio hits under its belt already - 'Skinny Dip' and 'Black Skeleton', the latter of which was the #43 most played track on triple j in 2015. The band themselves are no strangers to notoreity, having shared the stage with the likes of Sticky Fingers, Bluejuice, The Fratellis, Gang of Youths,  Harts and Kingswood. With a string of tour dates now announced, Jenny Broke The Window are poised to break free from the pack and straight into hearts across the country.

Sat Apr 09 - Moonshine, Manly
Fri May 06 - Newtown Social Club, Sydney
Sat May 14 - Penny Black, Melbourne.

The opening heartbeat rhythm slowly morphs into a very catchy song, with vocals leading the way and the music steadily building. It's a really well produced song allowing all the key elements to shine through, as the hooks work there way under your skin.


Old Sault - Ghost.

Background promo - A darling display of maturity, a plea from a lonely bedroom. Debut single from Old Sault, 'Ghost', is awash with contemplation. Accompanied by an expertly shot music video (here) featuring a rabbit, a victim and his bullies, 'Ghost' is a heartbreaking reminder of how life's moments can return to the mind in an instant.

Currently a bandless band from the Gold Coast, Old Sault is more the moniker for singer, songwriter and guitarist Angie Farr. Produced by the ARIA-winning Govinda Doyle (Angus & Julia Stone), 'Ghost' is but a snippet of the work the two have been working on together, with another single just around the corner and a debut EP not far behind it. Pricking the ears of triple j and taste makers already, Old Sault is a raconteur, ready to realise her place on the national music stage.

Sometimes when I'm trying to describe a song all I really want to say is "This is a really good song" and just leave it at that. Maybe I should, but that always seem a little unfair considering the work that goes into so much of the music we feature here. Anyway, this really is a good song... oh just play it!