The Scenics - In The Summer (New Album)

The Scenics - Wild Trout.

Background promo - In the summer of 1976 Andy Meyers, fresh out of high school, and Ken Badger, working at the local music store, met and started The Scenics. Inspired by raw underground rock and new sounds, they began writing songs that defined Their sound — chancy, risky, noisy, with big pop choruses and gear-stripping guitar and rhythmic bomp. Alien-eyed lyrics that took in the world from the other side of "normal.”

The Scenics were artistically amping up, and making recordings as a fiery young band. These songs were never released back in the day, but now they are collected on In The Summer. They played shows with Talking Heads, Simply Saucer, The Troggs, and dozens of other pivotal underground legends.

For six years, The Scenics engaged and enraged local audiences by not playing by the punk rules of the day. The band’s wild creativity made any Scenics performance an adventure. And now they’re back, in the flesh, hitting a few of North America’s most rocking cities. In The Summer is the release of overlooked gems that kick-started the blazing Scenics sound, and it is finally coming out in the States and elsewhere to remind deep music fans that the band is back and playing again live. 

The Scenics - In The Summer out from Light In The Attic Distribution , June 17, 2016.

The Scenics Summer 2016 Tour:
Wednesday, July 6 - Hamilton, Ontario @ This Ain't Hollywood
Thursday, July 7  - Toronto, Ontario @ Rivoli
Friday, July 8 - Buffalo, New York @ Mohawk Place
Saturday, July 9 - Cleveland, Ohio @ Beachland Tavern
Sunday, July 10  Columbus Ohio @ Ace of Cups
Monday, July 11  Chicago Illinois @ The Empty Bottle
Tuesday, July 12  Detroit, Michigan @ UFO Factory
September - Pittsburgh, Philly, NYC, Jersey, and Boston dates TBA

'The album 'In The Summer' is a must hear for any old punk & new wave fan. Like a vintage wine of quality, The Scenic's music has aged extremely well. Well I missed out on them first time around, so each of the twelve songs on the album are new to me, as I expect they will be for many. First impressions are a fresh adventurous sound, that definitely doesn't follow any rule book. For comparison there is the raw energy of early Television material, along with the creativity of Talking Heads, and all the mischief, of the late seventies, when everyone seemed to be picking up a guitar and starting a band. Featured song 'Wild Trout' is an indicator of what's on the album, those able to catch them live this summer are probably in for a real treat.