Quality Not Quantity: Anousheh - On-The-Go

Anousheh - Bones.

Background promo - Electro-Pop artist Anousheh has just launched her latest, buzz-worthy single, "Bones." Anousheh's fresh style combines Pop sensibilities that offers a unique, and slightly nostalgic sound for your ears. The songstress has been garnering the praise of fans and critics alike who can't get enough of her hypnotic vocals and captivating instrumentation.

Anousheh is known for her epic melodies, and the Grammy-nominated songwriter has captivated audiences both overseas and in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Drawing early influences from some of her 90's music idols like Tori Amos, Bjork, and Radiohead, her songwriting style has always been rooted in introspection and metaphor. As an adult, Anousheh's love of pop music, hip hop and indie rock has focused her songwriting into hook-driven, thoughtful pop songs-- and in line with artists like Tove Lo, Ellie Goulding and Halsey. Facebook here.

'Bones' is one fine electro pop song. It's catchy, upbeat and a little hypnotic, surely that's enough for one song!


On-The-Go - In The Morning.

Background - Russian indie-pop band On-The-Go consists of a group of talented musicians who strive to make music of the best quality. Having their first LP on the top of the Russian Charts led to performing alongside the likes of She Wants Revenge, Foster The People and The Horrors- impressive, right? Not only this, but the contemporary and element to their music has left them compared to cool artists like Wild Beasts and The XX.

Their new captivating film for In The Morning feels more like a blockbuster movie than a music video. The storyline is intense; with twists and turns along the way it’s almost impossible to stop watching. Fast action, speed chases and romance- what’s not to love? “We've done a bunch of videos with Yura and his Feel Bad Movie production team in the past three years and it is very interesting to follow the evolution of their work with us and other projects: the work becomes more and more cohesive and mature” explains bassist Dima Midbord.

As the plot unfolds, we discover that a biker falls in love with a girlfriend of a powerful businessman and becomes a tool of vengeance in her hands. She plans the murder of her man with the help of a mysterious artifact. Dragging her lover into the situation can’t end well…or can it? Content of the On-The-Go music is a mesmerising combination of local background, quest for the new sound and Russian authentic melodies backed by refined arrangements, thought-out sound and distinctive lyrics written by band leader Yura Makarychev. Website here.

The video is something of an epic feature, to the point that the music can almost be incidental. Having now listened to just the song, 'In The Morning' is an original piece of indie pop, and enough to have me checking the band out some more.