Weekend Wonders: Saint Marilyn - Lori Cullen - Navy Gangs - Matt Stillert - Winter

Saint Marilyn - Frustrate Me.

Background promo - Brooklyn-based synth-pop duo Saint Marilyn released their track "Frustrate Me". The single marries hazy psych-pop synths, dub scattered drumbeats and spine-chilling vocals.

Vocalist/drummer Che Houston opened up to them about the track: “We wanted there to be an indecisive aspect to the way the synthesizers bend and move, to emulate the fluctuations of emotion in a personal conflict."

After releasing their EP 'Shoshone' last year, the band flourished with a dancy high-energy live-show, integrating live drums and bass into their sound, and making rounds at popular New York venues. "Frustate Me" comes ahead of a full-length release, set to come out in 2017, which will see them experimenting with elements of house and psych-pop.

They'll play two New York dates this month, at C'mon Everybody on October 18th, and at Bowery Electric on October 25th. Facebook here.

'Frustrate Me' is a synth pop song with expansive and delightful vocals, and a sensitive synthy soundtrack. Put together you have a smooth gliding and melodic song that's foundations are solid quality musical vibes.


Lori Cullen - Then There Were Three.

Background from Lori - Having two of my favourite people who also happen to be my favourite songwriters write an album of material for ME to sing is beyond exciting.

Like so many songs on this record Ron Sexsmith has written lyrics so personal but also so universal. Making babies is nothing new or original but when you have your own the world is forever changed. The joy and love is infinite and you'll never sleep the same again.

This song, as well as the upcoming album, was recorded at Canterbury Sound by veteran engineer Jeremy Darby (FOG, Pixies, Lou Reed) and produced by Maury Lafoy, who also played bass along with the core band of drummer Mark Mariash, keyboardist Robbie Grunwald, and guitarist Swinghammer.

I'm set to release "Sexsmith Swinghammer Songs" on October 28, 2016 via True North Records, Oct 29 - Toronto, ON - Hugh’s Room (Album Launch). Pre-order here.

With the background above I was expecting quality and 'Then There Were Three' is that, and a whole lot more. It's one of those songs where I almost feel the need to plead, that you give it a listen. I cannot wait for the album!


Navy Gangs - Mondays.

Background - Navy Gangs is a pop quintet currently residing in the washed out and overly demanding area of New York City. Singer/Guitarist Matthew Tillwick, Guitarist Noah Kohll, and Drummer Gavin Cordaro began orchestrating music together in 2012 at Central High School in the red light district of Omaha where they failed their junior years miserably.

For 2 months they took jobs working in the desert dome at the Henry Doorly zoo until they saved enough of their dismal wages for one way bus passes to New York City, where they moved in temporarily with Kohll's grandmother Estelle.

After making some new friends in Washington Square park, the 3 boys found themselves in a basement scene in little Italy. It was there that they met their bassist, Wilson Keithline from Providence, Rhode Island. Together they became Navy Gangs, a troupe who's songs grab influence from dark rooms, hopeless romanticism, table wine, and back page humor.

The EP was recorded in Noah Kohll’s grandmother Estelle’s home by Joey Kimono straight to 2 inch tape and was mixed and mastered by Steve Marion of Delicate Steve.  It features vocals and percussion from long-time friend Coley Gold, a nomadic vixen who plays shows with the band often but never rings ahead of time (just shows up).

Derived from heartbreak, endless internet streaming, and the pain that is being social, Navy Gangs debut EP is a pop miracle. EP released this Friday October 14th via No Roads. The boys will take the stage every week of October for a month-long residency at Berlin NYC. They'll share the stage with Beth Israel, Jennifer Vanilla, and Rubber this Friday October 14th. Jonny Couch will celebrate his own EP release on October 20th, with Navy Gangs, Plain Dog, and Bodega. The final date will include Hotline, Grooms, and Vivienne Eastwood, on October 29th. Facebook here.

The video has a curiously surreal and engaging start to it, the song 'Mondays' follows and lives up to expectations set. It's a confident indie rock anthem of sorts, that hooks into me, and insists on another listen (and another).


Matt Stillert - K.I. Honey.

Background - The boycotter of the metaphorical shoe, poet, protester, grower of veggies and facial hair, Matt Stillert, says he's just getting warmed up. In the Adelaide winter just gone, after a three year musical journey spent on the road, the solo barefoot wanderer reunited with his band ‘Madclassic’ (Tim Foster, Dave Phillips) and recorded his most refined studio work to date in the form of new single ‘K.I. Honey’.

The hypnotic rhythm and seamless guitar play in ‘K.I. Honey’ provides a platform for a subtle yet powerful message that carries an air of protest and activism. Stillert says of the track, "K.I. Honey is about unity, power in numbers and sticking it to the man. “The bitch took my money" is not about an ex-girlfriend, the bitch represents ‘the man’ and the oppressive powers that be who are keeping us all financially enslaved in order to maintain their positions of power."

Though at its heart, ‘K.I. Honey’ is a celebration of the tribal love and healing power of musical harmony. It's named after the Ligurian Honey Bees residing on Kangaroo Island that make some of the best honey in the world and that are known for their friendly nature.

Matt explains,“I draw the analogy of the hive and the human tribe; we could take some wisdom from the co-operation of many lives for a higher purpose. Considering the bees on K.I. are possibly the last of their kind, the message extends to illuminate the precariousness of our global human situation, adding an air of desperation to save what's left and to maintain an inhabitable earth with a peaceful future for life on the planet." Matt is kicking off the ‘K.I.Honey’ tour in Victoria this October and heading north, making his way up to Queensland by the new year, playing over 40 shows along the way with even broader touring plans set for 2017.

With the ‘K.I. Honey’ video capturing the grass roots essence that is integral to everything Matt Stillert, the clip was filmed in the heart of Adelaide during the middle of a bitingly cold winter and is testimony to the struggling, yet surviving and passionate local music scenes across Australia. Stillert hopes ‘K.I. Honey’ will be a source of imagination, empowerment and positivity for all who hear it. More here.

The music is refined and skillfully delivered, whilst the vocals have character and resonate wonderfully. 'K.I. Honey' has a message, the song delivers that, and some smooth feeling vibes.


Winter - Dreaming.

Background - LA-based (by way of Brazil) dream-pop band Winter shares their latest single "Dreaming." Originally written in 2013, the song was almost lost when the band's laptop was stolen on tour. This summer a version of the song was miraculously recovered on a backup hard drive, and a music video for the single will be released soon.

Winter is a dreamy indie rock band whose sound was conceived in Boston. Beginning as a collaborative effort between Samira Winter and Nolan Eley, their first recordings culminated into the 2012 EP entitled Daydreaming. Following the release, Samira’s relocation to Los Angeles brought on the recruit of additional members Matt Hogan (guitar), Justine Brown (bass), and Garren Orr (drums) to create a band that would manifest her ultimate dreams.

The quartet released their first full-length album, Supreme Blue Dream, via Lolipop Records in 2015. The aptly titled album floats on with a youthful sense of nostalgia and romanticized segues into adulthood. Touching on not one, but two languages (English and Portuguese), this bi-lingual group of dreamers do their part to lay us down softly while keeping listeners eager for each tune. Winter aspires to connect others with their inner child by making blissful, beautiful and ethereal pop music.

Winter is now working on their upcoming record Ethereality. The band supported Broncho on their 2016 North America Tour and recently performed at Animal Collective’s Camping Weekend in Big Sur in September. Facebook here.

Tour Dates:
October 18 Los Angeles, CA - Bootleg Theater w/ Ducktails, Ablebody (Record Release), Wyatt Blair
October 21 San Francisco, CA - Slims w/ Picture Atlantic
November 5 San Diego, CA - Blonde Bar w/ So Many Wizards
November 6 Fullerton, CA - Continental Room w/ So Many Wizards.

'Dreaming' is dream pop with a little indie rock slant. Even the guitars have something of a hazy distant feel, whilst the vocals glide smoothly above, it's a breath of fresh air, on a warm sunny day.