The Bad Signs - Bordeen - The Konincks - Julian Jasper - Kudu Blue - Dion Lunadon

The Bad Signs - Blue Love

Background - Like the soundtrack to a cult film that doesn’t exist, The Bad Signs are three acclaimed artists’ ode to all that is cool.

Brainchild of guitarist Nat Rufus, The Bad Signs are a seedy tribute to the fringe culture of 1960’s America – the beatniks, the beehives, the bikers, the whole scene.  After ten years touring with twin brother and songwriting partner Rob Rufus in the punk rock band Blacklist Royals, inspiration struck as Rob took time off the road to edit his memoir, Die Young With Me (Simon & Schuster).

“I got the idea from this old black and white photograph,” says Nat.  “It was from ’67, just two teenagers on a motorcycle, but I wanted to start a band that sounded the way that photo looked, you know?  Like vintage rebel youth.”  The twins enlisted alt-country mainstay Samantha Harlow on lead vocals, roundly praised by Rolling Stone, CMT, and America Songwriter – her haunting performances brought something unique and critical to the group.  “She has a fragility to her voice that creates a sense of captivated unease… it’s like the sound of another time.”

So put on your shades, zip up your leather, and let your love light shine – because square is nowhere, and this is it.

The Bad Signs’ new EP, Black Magic Moments, was named an “official release” of Record Store Day 2017 – these exclusive 12” vinyl are backmasked with subliminal messages that conjure spirits when the album is spun backward.  Rob’s book, now a bestseller, recently won a 2017 National ALA Award and will out in paperback this spring. Facebook here. Tour dates on Beehive Candy's tour page.

Powerfully nostalgic sixties music vibes make 'Blue Love' just so lovable. There is all the trauma and emotion so often found on the fringes of that musical era, and the video captures some of that, however the song is just so fine in it's own right, love it!


Bordeen - Trouble Making.

Background - Second single 'Trouble Making' talks about someone who is always creating problems in every situation they enter, leaving a trail of chaos all around them. Using only film photos, the chaotic elements of this video are meant to be a visual representation of what that destruction feels like.

Having grown up as siblings, Bordeen's understanding of harmonies and playing to each others best musical abilities has propelled them through their career as a band that receives recognition and great press for each additional show and festival they are a part of. 

Bordeen have worked with Graham Wright from Tokyo Police Club, and they’ve been featured on CBC Radio One’s Here and Now, as well as The Edge 102.1 Jingle Bell Concert Series. Their last year has included launching their Single 'Broken Bones' across radio in Canada, playing the Rockwood in NYC, CMW, Indie Week, CMJ, a Canadian Tour from Ontario to BC and back, as well as numerous shows around the GTA. Facebook here.

Our second feature for Bordeen, this time with the new single 'Trouble Making'. It's a melodic indie pop song where once again both vocals and music are pristine, and the atmosphere is tangible giving the track even further edge.


The Konincks – Daytime/Nighttime.

Background - Singer Julia belts out the first phrase, fragments of melodies follow, restless grooves complement the whole spectrum of their colours. The Konincks unleash primal forces with their new track Daytime/Nighttime. Jack White is grinning 'round the corner and Ritchie Blackmore would give his blessing. The musical way the four-piece chose is distinct and evident: They expand their psychedlic blues to a vibrantly grasping contemporary blues rock. Time flies when you do what you love.

Looking back Julia, Marc, Mike & Phil played nearly all the stages of their hometown, now  they’re taking over the rest of the world. Richie Kotzen was touring with the four piece around Europe. And after having released an EP and an album indie-magazines (Rockstar mag), radios (international airplays) as well as rock origins (Metalhammer) found great interest for these four rednecks. It might be because The Konincks dash head on and with a fierce heart in poetry and rhytms, singing guitars and hypnotic compositions like there’s no tomorrow.

Though, looking forward, the world comes into being: 2017 starts with the new single Daytime/Nightime; a taste of the upcoming EP (graphically designed by New-York-Artist Noemi Manser). Julias emphatic voice won't indulge in Patti Smith comparisons, instead she evolves an intense indepentence, which grounds and stimulates the listener at the same time. Two years ago the music of The Konincks origanted from old souls, now they contribute greatly to the Zeitgeist of our time. Vehement, relentless, dew-fresh, approachable; and this despite their subtlety which today's radio often lack. This spring there is no way around The Konincks pending between illusion and reality, will and ability. Facebook here, website here.

'Daytime/Nighttime' is a swaggering, bluesy rock'n'roll song. The band are gutsy, the vocals energised and soulful, the whole thing is fabulous, play it loud!


Julian Jasper - 2AM, Chinatown / I Don't Mind.

Background - Born in San Diego and currently based in LA, Julian Jasper is a Steely Dan for the 21st century, or maybe a lapsed Rundgren after he crossed paths with Ariel Pink. “2AM, Chinatown” sounds like Boz Scaggs on a dopamine bender, with Jasper distractedly strutting and bouncing from one disused phone booth to another looking for a connection.

“I Don’t Mind” effortlessly evokes an early morning in a beach town: the deserted streets, the closed-up burrito stands, the marine layer and its endless overcast coastal skies, terraces of bougainvillea, rhododendrons, and ice plant.

His debut EP is the sound of someone talking to themselves, which is appropriate, because at the heart of the California dream is a sense of loneliness, an ugly isolation, an iron fist behind a sunny smile. Misra Records is gearing up to release his debut EP 2AM, Chinatown/I Don't Mind (Expanded Edition) on May 5th. Facebook here.

I remember seeing Steely Dan at London's legendary Rainbow Theatre back in the day (I was very young of course :). The above reference has some mileage musically, as does the mention of Boz Scaggs. That said  '2AM, Chinatown' and 'I Don't Mind' have enough of their own stuff going on and Julian Jasper's vocals give the material definition with his own style. Both songs are refined as should be expected when running the previously mentioned comparisons, looking forward to the expanded edition.


Kudu Blue - Sugar Lemz.

Background - Brighton based quartet Kudu Blue announce their debut EP ‘Shaded’ and share the new single ‘Sugar Lemz’. Written, recorded, and produced entirely by the band in their home studio in Brighton, ‘Sugar Lemz’ incorporates a diverse set of influences to create something that sounds both timeless, yet refreshingly modern.

"Sugar Lemz is probably our favourite track from the new EP” - the band proclaim. “It's intentionally something a bit different from the other music we have put out. We wanted to make a chilled track that you could put on in the living room at 5am after a heavy night.” 

Chilled out the track certainly is - without taking away from its immediate appeal. Kudu Blue are incredibly smart in the way they unite electronically tinged instrumentals and intricate production flourishes, with singer Clementine Douglas’ soulful jazz-inflected vocal lines. Not only do Kudu Blue create intriguing sonic soundscapes with their songwriting, but they also have an innate ability to deliver on the live front. Combining their collective musical talents on the stage - they’re a force to be reckoned with, and are sure to be in for a fruitful year ahead. 

Selling out their debut London headline show towards the end of 2016, they’re today announcing their next headline show at London’s Camden Assembly, along with an appearance at The Great Escape Festival in May, dates of which can be found below. Kudu Blue’s debut EP ‘Shaded’ is out April 28th, 2017. Facebook here.

Oh this is good! 'Sugar Lemz' mixes dreamy soulful vocals with some original synthy sounds. The track drifts and gently twists around a core feeling of calmness and serenity, beautiful.


Dion Lunadon - Fire.

Background - Following the release of his single "Fire" last month, Dion Lunadon (of A Place To Bury Strangers / The D4) returns with a brand new video. The song is from his forthcoming debut solo album, which was recorded over a three-month period in Brooklyn, NY. The album features Robi Gonzalez (APTBS) on drums and Blaze Bateh from Bambara on select tracks including "Fire".

"With "Fire" I wanted wild and heavy guitars with heavy sentiment in the first vocal line to match. Something that grabs you and demands attention. Not background music," Lunadon explains of the track. The album also features mixing by Chris Woodhouse (Mayyors, Ty Segall, The Intelligence, Thee Oh Sees) on select tracks including "Com/Broke". 

During a short break in touring with APTBS, Lunadon had a rush of inspiration in the form of a creative spasm — a neurotic impulse to make a batch of songs and do it right then and right there.

What resulted is quite a jump away from his work in APTBS and draws more influence from bands like Toy Love and The Gun Club, as well as New Zealand unknowns such as Gestalt and Supercar. Dion Lunadon’s debut Self-Titled album is set for release on June 9th via Agitated Records. Pre-order through Bandcamp here, Facebook here.

Packing power and intrigue from the word go 'Fire' is an aural assault of musical noise and emotion. Vocals scream from somewhere in the midst of the track, as emotions run high. The accompanying video is a blast in it's own right, play even louder and shake away every last cobweb!!