Hero Fisher - Let's Mars - Allman Brown - Second Still

Hero Fisher - Lonely.

Background - “Lonely is about self delusion. We all wear blinkers to hard truths in one way or another. A common condition people have is loneliness or feeling secluded. I think it’s a sentiment a lot of people can relate to, if they don’t, then they may have mastered self delusion.”

Hero Fisher’s new song ‘Lonely’ is a masterclass in reinvention. Rich in ambience and with a slow crawling beat, Hero’s subtle and tender vocal performance evokes a deep sense of isolation amidst the cluttered mysteries of daily life. Drums, pianos and synths all work in tandem brewing a restless sonic tempest as the song subtly crescendos to its cathartic conclusion. ‘Lonely’ could be the soundtrack to a deeply arresting and sad movie, long expanses of sound create a panorama over which Hero lays some of her deepest and most internal lyricism yet. As her career progresses onwards it’s anyone’s guess where her sound will travel next, but if ‘Lonely’ is any indicator, she’s already one of the most unique new offerings this year.

British-born, French-raised and London-based, Hero Fisher (yes, that’s her real name) is returning to release her sophomore LP Glue Moon. Hero’s career has so far seen her collaborate with Alison Mosshart and Boy George in the Mark Ronson-scored ballet Carbon Life, open for The Rolling Stones and Neil Young at Hyde Park, and get shortlisted for the 2014 Glastonbury Emerging Talent Prize. In 2015 she released her debut album, the critically-appraised Delivery which won her fans in The Horrors and Blur. 

By turns a blistering rock and roller in the vein of Patti Smith and PJ Harvey, and an experimental folk storyteller à la Jeff Buckley, Hero Fisher resists easy generic categorisation with her protean and cinematic musical storytelling. Able to expertly strike a variety of different narrative poses, she is at once the spurned lover and the fired-up rabble rouser, predator and prey. With Glue Moon previous singles ‘Sylvie’ and ‘Push The Boat Out’, Hero’s lyrical imagination proved unique and bountiful. Her matchless new single ‘Lonely’ is the latest chapter in her development as an artist. She’ll reach many more milestones yet on her creative journey. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.

See Hero Fisher Live:
March 15th: St Pancras Old Church, London, NW1 1UL
May 19th: The Great Escape Festival

We featured Hero Fisher a couple of times last year and now she makes a welcome return with the new song 'Lonely'. The pace is slow and the musical arrangement understated to begin with and then the layers gradually build. This makes a very fine backdrop for some sultry and alluring vocals that add melody to the track, along with a beautifully personal vibe.


Let's Mars - Dedicated.

Background - Dark indie-electro duo Let's Mars are set for the International release of their second single "Dedicated". The band says of the single: “We decided to record “Dedicated” because we felt it carries a combination of melancholy and happiness that was ideally suited to our aesthetic. We chose to release it as our next single because it brings Oren back to his youth and we both agreed it was a good way to pay tribute to the Tel Aviv scene where we met and started our partnership”

The duo’s uniquely personal, effortlessly accessible music is the result of the seemingly unlikely songwriting and recording collaboration of American singer Talia​ ​Londoner​, a Los​ ​Angeles​ native who previously harbored no ambitions of a musical career, and Israeli​ multi-instrumentalist Oren​ ​Emanuel​, a seasoned musician and producer with an extensive resume in the realm of electronic music.

Based in the emerging creative mecca of Tel​ ​Aviv​, Let's Mars​ ​​makes music that’s bright and uplifting yet possesses a dark twist, combining catchy melodic songcraft, inventive sonic settings and heartfelt, emotionally rich lyrics that resonate with insight and humanity. Their expansive sound merges the D.I.Y. digital sampling techniques, timeless R&B grooves, propulsive bass lines and Londoner​’s intoxicating, expressive vocals. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.

'Dedicated' opens with rich driving synths that give way to some gorgeous vocals that take over before both elements merge together and the melodic hooks really do kick in.


Allman Brown - Moonlight.

Background - “Moonlight” is the visceral new single from Allman Brown’s new Bury My Heart EP. The London songwriter is releasing the EP on March 16th while he’s in the US for SXSW. Produced by his frequent collaborator Liz Lawrence (Cash + David), the EP incorporates lush, subtle electronic elements to his atmospheric sound, with his dynamic voice always at the forefront. Following the EP’s lead single “Bury My Heart”, “Moonlight” is no exception, with ambient, reverb-laden guitars set against Brown’s dynamic vocal harmonies and sparse percussive elements.

According to Allman Brown, the song is also about how the epic and the intimate go hand in hand, and attempting to capture the sensation of how small intense moments can have an impact on your entire life. If you like what you hear, I hope you can keep Allman in mind for Beehive Candy in the coming months - same goes for any playlist or SXSW opps, if you happen to be going?

Coming off a breakthrough year that saw the release of his debut full-length 1000 Years, Brown’s 2018 is already looking bright. Known for his compelling live performances, last year also saw him selling out shows all over the UK and Europe, sharing stages with the likes of Julien Baker, Palace and Siv Jakobsen along the way. After his stint of shows at SXSW, he'll be back later this spring for more US dates. FACEBOOK.

Live Dates:
3/11 - Dallas, TX - Deep Ellum Art Co. (Skate or Die Fest)
3/13 - Austin, TX - Seven Grand (Reverb Nation x Killing Moon Live SXSW showcase, 8:15pm)
3/17 - Austin, TX - Barracuda (AGI x Xtra Mile Recordings SXSW showcase, 7:45pm).

It was back in late 2016 that we featured Allman Brown, time flies by and now we have 'Moonlight' a gentle song that slowly unfolds into something very special. The vocals and harmonies are stunning, the understated musical arrangement allowing them to shine and charm the listener, this is one magnificent song.


Second Still - Opening.

Background - Second Still are back and set to release their second EP Equals on April 20th, 2018 on vinyl via Belgian label Weyrd Son Records, and on cassette through the new tape label Sentimental Records  This week they share "Opening".

While the songs from this newest release retain the sheer power and intensity of the band’s previous two releases, Equals sees Second Still evolving their sound and progressing forward into sonically uncharted territory. The four main components of the band’s signature sound are still there –chorus and delay-heavy guitar, hypnotic bass grooves, heavyweight drum machine beats, and hauntingly beautiful vocal melodies– but they have added a couple analog synthesizers into the arsenal for Equals, mixing a whole new element into their already uniquely realized style of post-punk. Commanding synth bass, subtle ambient soundscapes, and forceful lead synth hooks now supplement and enhance the distinctive sound that Second Still had already crafted on their first two releases.

The band also explores a more pop-orientated and lighter sound on Equals, especially on the A-side, while the B-side stays true to the band’s more melancholic and gloomy roots. The EP kicks off with “In Order”, an upbeat and throbbing dance-floor anthem with a pulsating arpeggiated synth line driving the song forward. Following that is “Ashes”, a six-minute pop ballad who’s feeling is constantly shifting, at times being tastefully reserved and atmospheric, while at others totally unleashed and unhinged. The B-side offers a nice contrast to the pop sensibilities of side A, with three unrelenting back to back tracks of aggressive and forceful coldwave outpourings. FACEBOOK.

It's around ten months since we featured Second Still stating at the time that "the band create unique material, that challenges referencing." Now we have 'Opening' a song that has some classic punk vibes to it, alongside a hint of shoegaze and a swathe of catchy hooks.