Curtsy - Benjamin Folke Thomas - O Future

Curtsy - A Better Pet.

Background - “A Better Pet” combines unforgiving rhythmic momentum with captivating melodies to evoke the self-destructive apprehension that too often plagues the insecure romantic. It's about an individual who picks fights in their first relationship because they're more comfortable with chaos than coming to terms with the idea of needing someone.

The video concept revolves around freedom from insecurity--allowing yourself to enjoy life with the people you love in a no-rules territory. We want to enjoy life and have fun with no strings attached. Sharing these kinds of moments with the people we love is the greatest feeling in the world. These are nights where we feel free and have more fun than we've had in a long time.

Curtsy is an indie-rock five piece consisting of Austin Knecht, Crystal Napoles, Kai Dodson, Tamara Simons, and Jonathan Palmquist. Curtsy was formed when Austin Knecht (vocals, guitar) auditioned as a lap steel player for a country-folk band fronted by Crystal Napoles (vocals, keys). After bonding over their mutual love of 80s pop and 90s shoegaze, the pair began writing together.

Jonathan Palmquist (drums), Kai Dodson (bass), and Tamara Simons (guitar) joined the pair along the way, forming a completive, rich rhythm section. Their sound incorporates lush indie pop with dreamy guitars over driving rhythms and haunting boy/girl harmonies wrapped around perfect pop hooks—a sound that creates something both familiar and unique. TWITTER.

The video adds a story line to 'A Better Pet', that said, this gorgeously flowing indie rocker stands on it's own. With plenty of hooks and a clear, polished and notable overall sound, accompanied by natural rock and roll feeling, the band stand out in this highly populated musical genre.


Benjamin Folke Thomas - Tasteless and Complacent.

Background - Scandinavian-born Benjamin Folke Thomas announced new album Modern Man to be released on November 9th, a follow up to 2017s Copenhagen (8/10 Uncut), including new single Tasteless and Complacent.

The ten songs on Modern Man draw from Folk, Country and the blues, to reveal the inner thoughts of a songwriter torn between supreme self-confidence and fear of the future.

Folke Thomas was born in the coldest winter recorded in modern day history in Gothenburg; perhaps his obsession for sad, lamenting country songs was inevitable; and grew up on a secluded island off the coast of Sweden, populated by mainly evangelical Christians. However, 

Ben never found God. He discovered grunge music instead, and at the age of 11 he was playing drums in a punk band before turning to Folk and Americana music after seeing Kurt Cobain’s performance of ‘In The Pines’ on Unplugged. Steeping himself in Leadbelly, Dylan, and Leonard Cohen, by the age of 20 he was an accomplished finger-picker, confident performer, and mature songwriter. BANDCAMP.

'Tasteless and Complacent' is rich with character and quality. Benjamin's vocals are distinct and very likable, the song has an uptempo modern folk feel, the video adds some humour and angst, the new album is a tantalising prospect.


 O Future - Stay.

Background - O Future consists of Katherine Mills Rymer from South Africa and Jens Bjornkjaer originally from Denmark both now living in Los Angeles.

They have previously released two albums under their previous name OOFJ which have been featured in hundreds of international media including The New York Times, The Guardian (Band of the week), and many many others. Their song Smell You is taken from their upcoming album titled Voyeur produced by themselves, mixed by David Tolomei (Future Islands, Dirty Projectors) and features the drummer from Trentemoller, the drummer from Chet Faker and the Royal Danish Orchestra. It is a mix of electronics, voice and symphony orchestra and is generally an attempt of mixing different genres, to produce something that has never been done before.

“I have a very intimate relationship with time. Im preoccupied with avoiding it. If I opened my eyes to the reality of it, or dealt with it like a normal person I think my heart would break.  Time is terrible. That is why i can’t stop going near it.” - Katherine Mills

Jens: I love the Nothing Compares to You video that Sinead did. Obviously, most people do. It’s so emotional. Which is hard for a music video. And its odd. Both things we are into.

Katherine: Nuns. Medieval anchorite nuns with that intense ascetic sensibility. Religious hermits basically, these nuns would be built into walls. Live in little towers added to bridges. The whole religious medieval devotion is pretty fascinating, also a bit sexy to me. This communion with their spirituality, sexuality and all the jumble and insanity of it is astounding. We love religious choir music from the middle ages as well. The ascendant horror and terror of it is very beautiful. And as always I am into repetition  as thats how my mind works, unfortunately. FACEBOOK.

O Future have a fairly unique sound here, the juxtaposition between the beats and vocals is splendid and the imagination and creativity oozes in all directions on 'Stay'. The video gives some additional artistry and collectively this is very hard to ignore and much easier to be swept away by.