Native Harrow - Eil Marchini - The Hengles - The Navettes

Native Harrow returns to Beehive Candy with a third song this year and an intriguing video to accompany it. The nom de plume of singer-songwriter Devin Tuel, Native Harrow has some accomplished creative talent, the latest song at just under seven minutes length, I would argue, confirms that opinion even further.

'Magpies On Acid' now there's a thought, and Eil Marchini's new piece with that colourful title, is fast paced as the layers of music intertwine with each other in what is a fabulous and epic arrangement.

The Hengles have released (I Dream Of) Jeannie (also a sixties TV show that still has re-runs in the UK) and this song has some timeless vibes that could be from that era, the bands melodic and refined pop is extremely catchy.

The Navettes from Manchester in the UK have released the song 'Asleep' a vibrant synth pop track that has charmed it's way into my world, and the delightful back story somehow makes it even more pleasing.

Native Harrow - Way To Light.

Native Harrow, the nom de plume of singer-songwriter Devin Tuel, have shared the music video for their song "Way To Light", the final track off their new album Happier Now, out now in North America via Different Time Records. The band also recently penned a deal with UK-based label Loose Music to release the record in Europe and the UK on August 2, 2019.

In a review of the new record, NYS Music stated, "Happier Now cements itself as a great album by saving the best for last. 'Way To Light,' a sarcastic fantasy about the love of material goods, is a building slow burn, with a hint of “Dear Prudence” and some fantastically eerie slide guitar."

"The way we view the world as children and the way we view the world once we're grown are drastically different," Tuel explains. "For the 'Way To Light' video, we selected images specifically of baby boomers and the generation that raised them. Their values, their understanding and misunderstanding of the shape of the world and the meaning of all things is still the gold standard by which people are measured, judged, and found wanting. Questioning this value system is often perceived as a blanket dismissal of that generation rather than an attempt to open an honest dialogue. I realized that money doesn't fulfill everything for me. Why do we spend so much time pursuing money if it doesn't make us happy in the end?"

Happier Now’s nine songs were written during three back-to-back tours across North America supporting the band’s second album, Sorores. The album was recorded live on the floor in just three days during what Tuel jokingly calls “downtime” in the middle of the grueling 108 date tour. It was recorded and mixed by Alex Hall (JD McPherson, The Cactus Blossoms, Pokey LaFarge) at Chicago’s Reliable Recorders and co-produced by Hall, Tuel, and her bandmate, multi-instrumentalist Stephen Harms.


Eil Marchini- Magpies On Acid.

Having just completed a tour supporting Alt-Country/Paisley Underground pioneers, The Long Ryders, Eil Marchini is essential listening for anyone with a passion for guitar, electronica, soundscapes, folk, psychedelia…in fact, for anyone who demands the music they listen to challenges them and transports them to worlds they never even knew they wanted to visit.

With guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and John Frusciante as inspirations you’d expect a virtuoso musician and that’s exactly what you get with Eil Marchini – a maverick artist who excels at combining the very best musicianship with an unbridled talent and expertise for presenting it in endlessly fascinating new ways. His forthcoming self-titled EP sees Eil at his brilliant, boggling best, fusing his sensational blues/folk-inspired guitar-picking with a night-flight through an electronic forest of ideas. Ever shifting and growing, the first release, Magpies on Acid is a psychedelic masterpiece, which will take you on a jounrey of sound!

Born in Italy, Eil Marchini has spent much of his life travelling the world, on a mystic mission to experience the sights and sounds of everywhere he visits, ready to mould them into the bewildering sonic creatures on both his first album, Smile, and this his self-titled four-track EP. Alongside Magpies on Acid, the EP also features the tracks Honey Bones – a suitably syrupy drum and bass reworking of the Dope Lemon track; Loop 21 – a spaced-out liquid guitar light show fed through loop number 21 of a 99-channel loop pedal; and Lydia, a track written and performed on a Weissenborn slide-guitar and injected with synths for a cinematic edge.


The Hengles - (I Dream Of) Jeannie.

The Hengles do it again! Their new single (I Dream Of) Jeannie is once more that full rich melodic Hengle pop twist for which the band is so known and loved for, topped this time with a flavour of truly summer teenybopper style ‘Reeling & Rocking’! So, check it out now!

As usual, the recording and mixing sessions took place at their own renowned Hok-P Recording Studio in Zwanenburg, The Netherlands.

(I Dream Of) Jeannie is a true homage to all the wonderful and talented people who relentlessly try to make this world a better, colourful and enlightened place, regardless of what other people think or say. We can’t do without them! Thank you lucky stars!

Their first two singles Wintertime and So I Say No immediately landed on the Dutch Spotify New Music Friday playlist and Apple Music Best Of The Week, and got airplay in The Netherlands, Germany, US and The Phillippines. (I Dream Of) Jeannie is released 7 June 2019


The Navettes - Asleep.

Manchester based five-piece The Navettes have announced their new single Asleep released on 31st May via Someone Great Records/PIAS.

With a disco-fuelled synth-pop sound inspired by the band’s love of the 80s’, The Navettes hail from all over the UK and first introduced themselves with debut single Gorgeous and follow-up single Slow last year.

Inspired by a Manchester stranger, new single Asleep is a retro-tinged upbeat power pop anthem with addictive synths and a commanding vocal. There is also a nostalgic lyric video to go alongside the release. The band say;

“Asleep is inspired by a girl we encountered on a night out in Manchester. She was dancing alone in the streetlights with a bottle of champagne in hand. We went home wanting to write something from her point of view, inspired by her carefree attitude.”

The Navettes are Abbey Stanley, Chris Storer, Ben Holmes, Tom Owen and Olive Snape.