Trace Decay - Darrin Bradbury - Winona Oak - Ted Z and The Wranglers

Trace Decay have released a very fine indie pop - rock song entitled 'Passivity', where their gliding vocals, smooth guitar work and layered synths make the most of this hook filled track.

From Darrin Bradbury we have 'Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs' the title track and one of eleven on the album. His lyrics are wry and so engaging and his delivery reminiscent of a younger John Prine on this sublime song, a real teaser if ever there was for an album.

Winona Oak  might be up in the millions in terms of song streams and hardly in need of our support but 'Break My Broken Heart' is just to good to miss out on, so we haven't.

Americana with a buzz was my first impression for Ted Z and The Wranglers and their new song 'Guests On Sunday Morning', it's also my second impression and that's good enough.

Trace Decay - Passivity.

Arriving with their infectiously smooth sophomore single, Melbourne indie-poppers Trace Decay are anything but passive on their self reflective 'Passivity.'

Charming and brazen, Trace Decay’s infectious brand of melancholy pop is a unique blend of haunting spaces and melodic undertones. Expanding on their own brand of self proclaimed "slacker pop-rock", 'Passivity' delves into the regularities of routine, and the relatability of that constraint.

"It's a statement on how easy it is to fall into passive mode and how it can make one feel trapped in the humdrum pattern of day to day life. Passivity perfectly captures the inner workings of someone who has outgrown old patterns and seeks a new path," frontman Jordan De Pasquale explains.

Bursting onto the scene with their debut single ‘How Did it Come To This’, Trace Decay quickly gained attention with positive reviews on triple j Unearthed, a spin on triple j's Home & Hosed and praise from tastemaker Purple Sneakers. Combining sarcastic yet honest and heartfelt lyricism with their signature retro synths and catchy guitar hooks, Trace Decay's distinctive sound takes influence from acts like The Cure, Blur, The Magnetic Fields & Beach House.

Establishing themselves as formidable live performers, especially with the recent addition of their fourth live performance member, hometown fans at last night's single launch were lucky enough to catch a slew of unreleased tracks which ensure Trace Decay have plenty up their sleeves to keep things heating up right into Summer!


Darrin Bradbury - Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs.

Like a more self-deprecating, decidedly morose John Prine, or perhaps a more jovial Guy Clark, New Jersey native Darrin Bradbury's songs are riddled with hilarious, obvious-once-you-hear-them observations on mundane everyday life.

The eleven songs on Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs, Bradbury's new release on ANTI- Records, leave listeners singing along with sometimes ridiculous, often dark, but instantly familiar tunes.

Produced by Kenneth Pattengale (The Milk Carton Kids), Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs is a collection of songs born from dealing with depression and the pressures of life in the only way Bradbury knows; by poking fun at it. "It's an album trying to combat depression, to laugh your way out of depression, and to be honest and accurate with that depression," Bradbury quips. "I try to write things that make me chuckle, and that chuckling is usually making peace with the existential dilemma of both the times and life in general."

With only one co-writer on the entire album-ANTI- label-mate, friend, and fellow esteemed Nashville musician, Jeremy Ivey-Bradbury's one-of-a-kind style is allowed to shine brilliantly, unobstructed by outside opinion. The tracking of Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs was completed in a similarly simple way; using the same combo of musicians for every song on the record. Aside from producer Pattengale's mellotron and vocal contributions and the aforementioned Ivey's bass and piano playing, only two extra musicians were called to round out the band; Alex Muñoz on additional guitars and Dillon Napier on drums. The only exception is the lone guest vocalist on the album, modern outlaw country queen and long-time supporter of Bradbury, Margo Price, who adds a sombre harmony to a track titled "The Trouble With Time."


Winona Oak - Break My Broken Heart.

Swedish born, LA-based artist Winona Oak releases her new single “Break My Broken Heart” via Neon Gold Records / Atlantic Records. The single is accompanied by another stunning music video directed by Andreas Öhman  The song follows her runaway debut single “He Don’t Love Me”, which has amassed 6.5 million streams across all platforms to date.

Winona Oak about “Break My Broken Heart”: “You have to be brave to love someone with all your heart. But the biggest risk in life is to not take any risks at all. As long as we’re breathing, what’s one more scar?”

Born and raised in the Nordic forests of Sweden on a small crop of land called Sollerön - known as the Island of the Sun - Winona Oak is every bit as enchanting as her origin story. With a childhood spent encountering more animals than people, she grew up a trained horse acrobat and pursued creative expression however she could, writing poetry and songs from a young age. Born into a musical family, Winona sang throughout her youth and began playing violin at 5 years old and piano at 9 years.

After moving to Stockholm to pursue her passion for music, a leap of faith to attend Neon Gold Records’ writing retreat in the Nicaraguan jungle in 2017 led her to Australian electronic maestro What So Not. She would go on to co-write his next two singles "Better" and "Stuck In Orbit", eventually stepping into the spotlight as both the writer and featured artist on his 2018 single "Beautiful", which took home the 2019 AIR Award for Best Independent Dance Single at the Australian Independent Music Awards.

Last year, Winona Oak covered “Don’t Save Me” from fellow Neon Gold Records signees HAIM for the label’s 10 year anniversary compilation: NGX: Ten Years of Neon Gold. The minimal production allows Winona Oak’s ethereal voice to shine through, slower than the original and drenched in ethereal melancholy. Now signed to Neon Gold / Atlantic Records and published by Warner-Chappell, she closed out 2018 collaborating with The Chainsmokers on their viral hit single “Hope”, co-written by Winona and featuring her stunning lead vocals, and currently boasting 300 million streams across all platforms globally.


Ted Z and The Wranglers - Guests On Sunday Morning.

The new single from Ted Z and The Wranglers, is entitled 'Guests on Sunday Morning' the track is a raucous Americana song highlighting twangy blues guitars, layered infused melodies and stomping percussion.

Ted Z and The Wranglers, of Southern California, deliver outlaw country-charged rock. Ted's catchy story-songs are fully-realized tales of love, regret, getting older and getting in trouble. The band stirs up it's Americana influences, featuring quick picking and bluesy slide guitar over galloping train beats and swinging shuffles.

The Wranglers are Collin Mclean (bass), Jackson Leverone (lead and slide guitar, vocals) and Jordan Lipp (drums). The band has honed it's sound on big stages and in biker bars alike. They get audiences dancing and bring them back for more.

Ted Z and The Wranglers were signed to Rip Cat Records in 2015. Their first label release, Ghost Train, was recorded at Yellow Dog Studios in Wimberley, TX and produced by Monty Byrom (Big House, Eddie Money). 2017 Winner Hard Rock Rising LA, Jam in The Van (2017) Headlined Sturgis Buffalo Chip (2018).